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Bloodwork Still Showing Gluten Present

Entry posted by DCE · - 397 views


I have 2 daughters that have celiac for a little over a year now. I just took them in to get bloodworm done to see how there levels were. My daughter Colleen who goes to preschool 3 days a week came back ok but my other daughter Delaney came back a little high she is in first grade. I'm so frustrated because my husband and I are so careful double check everything. Even at school her teacher is always checking in with me. I don


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My daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease recently. Have you thought of less obvious places for gluten? Some are lip balm (chapstick), toothpaste, medicine (check with pharmacist), playdough, art supplies, (if she puts her finger in her mouth after touching something with gluten, she could contaminate herself), chicken (KFC and off-brand raw chicken were hidden sources that made my daughter very sick - stick only with name brands like Tyson, etc.). We found an ice cream that had no gluten ingredients but it made her very sick; must have been cross-contaminated during processing. Starbucks (and many other establishments) may cross-contaminate by not thoroughly washing blenders or other items before making your order. Try to stick with things labeled gluten-free until you get her gluten levels down. Best of luck. It is so hard when it's your child who is affected instead of yourself.

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