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Perioral Dermatitis And Celiac

Entry posted by Dayz · - 1,423 views

I was diagnosed with celiac disease in October 2011 and have managed to come up with a great routine to manage it. However more recently I was also diagnosed with perioral dermatitis and am having a very hard time managing this. It has been two weeks and my husband and I are trying so I have not taken any prescriptions for it, I have eliminated all soaps, shampoos, etc that have gluten or sls and have been applying apple cider vinegar and lemon juice and using yogurt masks but it's still evident. Here and there I will use spectro gel which will take away a lot of the redness but my once perfectly flawless skin is gone. Has anyone experienced this? Any suggestions?

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I had it (or had what they thought was perioral dermatitis). I wonder now if it wasn't dh.

I found I had to baby it. Moisturizers and I kept any face creams that were supposed to "rejuvenate" skin off of it. Eventually, it went away.

I did have a horrible bout of it while I was pregnant. It went away eventually, I think either after childbirth or after nursing.

Sometimes mint and cinnamon toothpaste can aggravate it.

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