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Keller Laboratories Ema Dental / Anti-Snoring Device Product Review

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Besides the high cost for a device that seems so simple and cheap to make ($500), the next hidden surprise that I discovered from my dentist about my EMA Keller Laboratories stop snoring mouthpiece was that I would have to pay $1 per band (it uses two EMA Bands at a time), and these bands wear out fast--the yellow EMA bands wear out in a few days, the blue EMA bands last about a week at best, and the clear EMA appliance bands about two weeks if you are lucky.

On top of all this the product is designed to fail--my first one broke after only two weeks. The spacer between the top and bottom EMA pieces is glued on, so the entire bite force of your back teeth is focused 100% on top of two small plastic spacers that are glued onto the appliance. One of mine cracked in half after only two weeks and I woke up with a dangerous piece of plastic in my mouth. I notified my dentist (Essential Dental in Santa Rosa) who offer to have another made for me at no cost, as it was still under warranty.

Unfortunately that is not the only design problem with the EMA device by Keller Laboratories. The the EMA bands that are so expensive (and probably cost 5 cents to make) hook onto the EMA appliance on plastic posts that are also glued onto the two top and bottom pieces. This means that these 4 small pieces of plastic, and specifically areas where they are glued onto the top and bottom pieces, must take the full stress of the bands tugging on them constantly...and guess what? They break off at the point where they are glued. Of the two defective EMA mouth pieces that I now own each has broken this way several times.

I have sent each of these anti-snoring devices back for repair several times now, and, because my dentist told me that they basically use a form of Crazy Glue on these, have even glued them myself a few times (but I probably won't do this again).

Now my dentist is tired of hearing about this defective product from me, so he has told me that the warranty has expired and is only 6 months. I remember when I had the first break he told me that it was one year warranty, so I called Keller Laboratories directly and they told me it is a 12 month warranty. Sounds like my dentist is not telling the truth to me. Now my dentist wants me to pay each time I need one of them fixed.

Hopefully this blog will help someone else faced with paying so much for such a cheap product!
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