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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Okay, Figured The Blog Out.



Today I decided I have to start keeping track of what I eat and what is happening with my body so I can go back and make decisions about what I ate and any reactions that may have been caused by certain foods. After going gluten-free initially, I felt great for about 3 or 4 days and then I felt like I ran into a brick wall and was totally exhausted for day, but also had insomnia as well.

That passed and I now realize that one day I feel great and the next day mediocre and the next day terrible and then next day great, etc. etc. Therefore, the need for the food diary.

I also think I have DH and have for awhile and never realized it. It only makes sense that my Celiac is atypical and my DH could be, too. I think I've been having a minimal outbreak for the last 9 years. Ouch. I know because I get outbreak and the top comes off the bump and it's not a pimple. It's just an open sore and oozy, icky. I get it just above the genital area, my chest, back, buttocks, neck, and belly. It is most worse on my neck - larger bumps and more yucky, but fewer and far between in the lower area. I read on here to get rid of Iodine in your diet meaning salt, chips, and asparagus? Which I have been eating like crazy lately (lays chipping dipping into tuna fish according to a recommendation on here from someone else for a lunch). Now something else I can't have! ARGH!! I have to cut it out of my diet to see if the rashes/bumps clear up. I'm running out of lunch ideas.... :angry:

I am also cutting eggs out of my diet, which totally sucks because I like eggs in tuna fish and for breakfast, but I remembered I took a food allergy test last year and it showed me borderline for egg whites. Maybe that's why my bloating will not go down at all? Not sure. Just removing to see if there is a difference. I read if you're borderline you can have the food once a week, but not more than that? Maybe I have egg once a week? I have no idea. I'm so new to this thing and I am pretty much totally lost and no Dr. has any information for you. Another ARGH! :angry:

How I feel today? Like crap. I am very tired. I have a pain that runs across my lower back in a straight line and hurts like heck if I even move all the way across. Feel like severe bruising or really deep back pain. I have a circular spot on my belly right now on my right side of the belly button in a slightly upper position that just hurts! If I look straight down it's my right upper quadrant area of the stomach/belly button position. One, it hurts like nerve endings are touching my skin. I felt this same feeling after my hysterectomy in Jan. 2010. I recognize it. It also itches like crazy and there is nothing there. I almost want to cry when I move. What is this? If I push in there I feel something hard and that hurts. No idea. I've already had CT scans and everything so I know nothing's in there, but what in the world is going on???? I have one bad sore I noticed yesterday in the lower area and my neck broke out over the weekend really bad. :blink:

What I ate today:

Breakfast - banana, coffee, cane sugar, creamer
Lunch - Lays chips and sloppy joe (hamburger and gluten free sloppy joe sauce)
Dinner - 4 cheese italian sausage made fresh at our grocers meat department, cauliflower and broccoli with cheese, potatoes with butter - onion- and steak salt seasoning Spice Classic which I can find no info on. Someone else here posted asking but it was never answered. It is made by McCormick I found out and they label all their stuff, so I am guess it's okay. I hope...

Breakfast - 1/2 grapefruit, blueberries, coffee w/ creamer and cane suger
Lunch - tuna with gluten-free mayo and dill pickle pieces (oops, I never checked pickles. Can I have those?), lays chips
Supper - Apple brats fresh from grocers meat dept, broccoli with cheese (I steam the veggies), potatoes - butter(real) - onion - steak salt (I made double stuff and we ate for two days) Meat was cooked on the grill.

The day before, I can't remember.

I had 1/2 grapefruit for breakfast

What I can remember from the weekend:

Friday night we went out to eat at a dinner for business. The waiter was great with my order and owner knew to keep everything separate, etc. they were all cool with it. I emailed them ahead of time and planned on me being there. It was a Mexican place, I had fajita with no seasoning and no tortilla as suggested by owner. I ate corn tortilla chips with no salsa while I waited.

I cooked steak on the grill - same steak seasoning salt. Had salad with gluten-free dresing, fresh onion, radish, sprinkle of cheese, pepper and potatoes with button and onion

I had bacon and cheddar hamburgers for supper with same salad as above (burgers made fresh in grocers meat dept) and all meat gluten-free hot dogs. we ate those for two days (I think Sunday and Monday night) Had Steak on Saturday and Mexican on Friday for suppers. I know I ate left over steak dinner from Sat. night for lunch on Sunday. I skipped breakfast. I had no food here I could eat on Sunday for breakfast.

I had gluten-free chocolate free mousse for dessert last night. I had an orange and an apricot other nights.

That's the best I can catch myself up to speed. Now to do this everyday so I can watch for patterns. *sigh* :o


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