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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Glutening Sounds Bad



I've been lurking around the forum and I gotta say that the idea of being "glutened" after being gluten-free scares me. I'm still waiting for my blood tests, so I'm not even 100% sure I'm celiac yet (just a positive IgA tTg home test), but the symptoms I do have don't seem as bad as the symptoms many people have.

Yes, I get bloated, often to the point of looking 5 month pg again. I get stomach aches a few times a day but I can usually fake my way through them and no one has a clue. I get head aches and perhaps squint more and smile less but I get on with my day. I can't fake my sore joints since they take a minute or two to get going but once they're warmed up I can play and coach soccer with my kids. Can't fake my thinning hair either...LOL I get worn out and have a hard time getting up some mornings but I don't think abnormally so...

I worry that these symptoms will get worse once I'm off gluten and then accidentally get glutened. From what I read, the symptoms seem much worse after going gluten-free. I read about people who can't get out of bed... I don't think I've ever been that sick... I hope I'm never that sick! (Those poor folks!)

I'm hoping that (for me) it's not that the symptoms become that much worse but that I won't be used to having them anymore. I can get used to discomfort and pain but I think when it takes you by surprise, it seems much worse... for me anyways.

I'm thankful I don't end up with nausea resulting in vomiting like some glutened folks do, I hope I never do. THAT would be tough to deal with... Eek.

Ah well, still waiting impatiently for my results.

Nicole S


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