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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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More Waiting For Test Results



I'm bad at waiting. really. I thought since I am going a little nutsy about finding out if I'm celiac, I would buy another Biocard home test and retest my IgA tTg to double check if that faint line really was a positive test. Maybe I somehow did it wrong... maybe I second guess myself too much. Anyway, the store was out of tests! they only had them for a special promotion, probably for celiac awareness month... I dunno.

Ugh. I was counting on that to help me stop obsessing. Instead I turned to my old standby: junk food. LOL We had leftover stale cheezies. Nasty but tastey when you know it's possible that you might not have them again.

So now I'm waiting... again... until at least Monday. I was expecting quick results. I had my 9 year old tested and it came back normal (I plan on requested a copy of the test this week), and it was done within 48 hours. This blood test will be one week of waiting on Monday... and that's after waiting one week to get into the lab for the test.

Unless of course it was normal so the doctor felt no need to call. They've done that before. And then I'm one of the many with a less than decisive diagnosis and I have to decide what to do. hmm.

Patience is a virtue...


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