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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Results In But Dr Won't Give Over Phone



I called my Dr's office today because I was starting to strongly suspect that my results were in but they were normal (or very close to normal) so my doctor didn't call me... he's done that before. In fact, that seems to be pretty standard practice for drs around here.

Anyway, I was right and the results were in but they won't release results over the phone. So I had to make an appointment to get them; I go in on Wednesday now.

So since the doctor didn't call me to make an appointment, I'm guessing my results are normal or close to it. So I'm probably in the same boat as many who don't get a definitive diagnosis. Darn. I was hoping to be the minority. I have a slightly positive on a home tTg test and most likely negative tTg and EMA test done by a lab one - two weeks later. What does that mean?

I know I didn't eat the equivalent 4 slices of bread a day that they recommend before testing but I rarely have done that in my life. I'm not a bread person. I eat pasta every 2-3 weeks. We usually have pizza once a week which is a big wheat day for me. My usual dose of gluten for a day was a tortilla, perhaps some oatmeal, sometimes 2-3 frozen waffles but I know I don't feel my best on those days... I like a bit of Slimfast in my coffee in the morning and that has wheat. I'm not exactly gluten lite but I'm not gluten heavy on most days... I wonder if that affects things.

I supose that the results might have just come in and they hadn't had a chance to call me yet... I doubt it.

It's so odd to be disappointed by the possibility of normal test results! That seems to be a common refrain around here. Sigh. Maybe I am "just one of those people who gets stomach aches when they eat" as my childhood doctor put it.

Enough wallowing. My plan for the next two days prior to my appointment is:

Establish what genes are found in almost all celiacs (DLS Q2 and 8... or something) and request a test.

Establish the usual celiac panel and be prepared to request those tests from the doctor.

Look into vits and minerals that are usually low in celiacs and possibly request tests to find my levels in those.

Find out what positive tTg tests (from the home test)can indicate (like Crohns?) and ask about that.

Inquire about testing my children and mother. One son was already tested by a pediatric specialist (normal), so I'll ask for his results (but our family dr might not have them). Testing them will probably wait until after my genetic tests... why poke them if I don't have to.

I haven't gone gluten-free yet, I'll wait and see what happens on Wednesday. Regardless, I'll try gluten-free and see how I feel. I'm probably gluten sensitive either way since I've had (mostly minor) stomach problem my entire life.

Do normal healthy people get stomach aches after they eat? Not every meal but at least 1/4 to 1/2 of their meals? Am I just getting wussy?

Nicole S


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