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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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It Is Celiac - Without A Doubt




I went for my appointment today and I was half expecting the doctor to say I was fine and then I'd have to decide to go gluten-free on my own... but with the back-up plan that I could probably abandon it some day... Nope. :(

I definitely, without a doubt, have celiac.

The home test I did, with not quite enough blood, gave me a very faint positive after increasing my gluten for about 2 weeks. I wasn't sure I had it but it really looked like I did. I kept saying to myself, what if I did it wrong?

I had blood work done another 2 weeks later (June 19)after more than normal glutening and this is what I was tested for with the results:

[indent]Urea Breath Test = Negative - absence of Helicobacter pylori (yeah!)

Endomysial Antibody = Positive abnormal
Endomysial Antibody Titre = 1:40 abnormal
Endomysial Antibody Comment = The celiac screens on your patient are positive. These screens have >90% positive predictive value. Guidelines advise that your patient be referred for an intestinal biopsy. Treatment without biopsy is not recommended. The diet for celiac disease is complicated, expensive and must be followed for life. Referral should be made prior to initiating a gluten-free diet.

Immunoglobulin A 2.07g/L with reference range of 0.60-4.20
Tissue Transglutaminase IgA [b]>200 H[/b] kU/L with reference range of 0.0-20.0 (their bold)[/indent]

Sooo, tTg IgA and EMA are both positive... That's it then. I'm having my last pizza, cinnamon bun and beer tonight.

And I'm skipping the biopsy. I believe it and I'm sure so of what benefit could it be to me?

I know I'm not going to be fully gluten-free until at least the weekend. I have a busy few days coming up and I won't get groceries until the weekend. I will cut as far back on gluten as I can... tomorrow, when I'm done my pity party.

I thought I was okay with this but now that I know for certain that have it I'm struggling a bit with some pity and anger. I'll get on with it, that's my way, but for now I'm bummed.

God I hope my kids don't get it, or have it. I want them to conitue to be in perfect health... we've been so lucky so far. knock wood. please please..



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