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End Of Withdrawl Is In Sight

Entry posted by nvsmom · - 801 views

I'm starting to feel better. Yeah! I think withdrawl was worse for me that how I would feel after a gluten fest. It was no fun at all. My headaches are pretty much gone and I don't feel exhausted anymore; that's probably why I'm not quite as grumpy now.

I have glutened myself already. I had an Estrella Damm Daura beer. It said gluten-free so I didn't read the label too closely until I was half done... It's still made from barley! No wonder it tasted like regular beer. I had been bracing myself for something with a beerish flavour but it tasted like beer. That's what prompted me to read the label, I guessed it was too good to be true and I was right.

I developed the stomach ache within 15 minutes and by time an hour was done I was very visibly bloated. I went to talk with dh and complain that I thought I'd glutened myself and he just stared at my gut before adding, "You better not be pregnant," in a half joking manner. I really did look pg again.

I was shocked at my own sensitivity. I reacted to (according to the label) 3 ppm gluten. Celiacs are supposed to be safe to 20ppm. Hmph. On the bright side, hubby believes how sensitive celiacs are to gluten now (there was a LOT of eye rolling prior) since he saw my bloated gut with his own eyes. I soooo wanted to say 'I told you so.' LOL

That was 4 days ago and I'm still mildly bloated and have some slow bowels. It's possible I glutened myself again with a cheap vanilla icecream (natural flavors ?) but I doubt it. Could be the lactose causing issues since milk has done that to me in the past.

So I'm doing better. I need to be more vigillant avoiding cc'ing myself, but I'm slowly getting there.

Oh, mom is getting tested, or rather got tested. She's just waiting for results in August.


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