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What A Difference A Day Makes. "mommy You Are Big."



I noticed upon awaking today that my tongue, abdomen and thighs were swollen. My tongue was also dry. I dunned my gloves and mask and rewashed the dishes from last night. I just didn't feel secure that there wasn't still gluten clinging to them.

I am glad that inspite of the swelled up feeling my mind seems clear still today.

The family got out the wheat eggrolls for lunch, while I was yet in the room. I demanded that the eggrolls go outside immedietly. When they didn't, I quickly yet carefully threw them out the back door unto a table. So much for not flying off the handle. I ran upstairs and hid under my quilt. I hoped this Celiac nightmare would end.

Eventually, I decided to eat my lunch whether I was hungry or not. After my lunch I rewashed all of the dishes near the sink and did some others.

There won't be any wheat dishes to night. I am pretty sure. I sent them to a local pork chop fry and I am on my own for supper.

I have hope, after yesterday, for many better tomorrows meanwhile today is here.

I am thinking when I am bloated like this I might be dehydrating. I sure have been thirsty today. Today isn't one of the days I see God's hand in it, but I see the waves of circumstances. I know he is working, I just don't feel it just now.

I checked the label on the hotdogs I ate. Everything checked okay. The only other reasonable alternatives was that I was reacting to airborne stuff.

I wrote to the company who made the hotdogs. I asked them what was in the sea salt they use. I asked if they might have been cross contaminated in processing. I asked them to verify that they are actually gluten free, or to remove it from their label. I hope I can eat their hotdogs again, but not if I go through this.

Atleast, my family can easily see the bloat this time. It isn't in my head, it is in my belly. "Mommy, you are big" my daughter said as she patted my belly. No kidding.

Hopefully, a few days and I will really start heading back up.

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I received a nice e-mail back from the hotdog company. They seemed to be doing everything right. To be sure, I won't eat them again for a while, but someday I will try them. If they work then I will shout the brand. Meanwhile,I wrote back and thanked the man for his reply and care.. He answered that I was welcome!

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