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Hope For The Family: How A Husband Can Come Around



:angry: My family didn't like the idea of yet another diet change! They didn't see how fatigued or foggy I felt. I must admit the whole thing seems a bit unbelievable.

After hearing 30 years of my complaints my husband turned a deaf ear to my supposed health problems. Here I was trying to follow a 100% gluten diet without support.

I heard it might get better. Then my husband told me he regretted telling me about the forum. I was finding ideas that were not convenient to the family. I was spending too much time and money on health pursuits. I felt like leaving the forum was leaving the only support I had. But I didn't go on the forum. Meanwhile, I found the lady around the corner was gluten intolerant too. We talked.

Now it finally happened for me. We went through some hard sitations, but my temper didn't flare. It was easy. My personality has really changed. I can think of funny things to say on the spur of a moment. I even started joking about gluten.

There came a time I told my husband I would be doing studying on the Forum again. I knew it wasn't his favorite idea, but I needed help to cope with this. He made no protest. I said that there was no better place to learn what I need to know about dealing with celiac. "It is all there, over and over, again these people go through what we go through."

Physically I have also been reacting more forcefully and outwardly than ever before. One day Rosie said, "Mom you look pregnant." (I actually don't mind that comment now; it was true and there is a reason.) With my tummy sometimes smaller when it bloats everyone knows. I can point out rashes that appear on my legs. My husband and my children can notice. It isn't just mysterious and all in my head anymore.

I can find hidden vinegar by using reactions and smell alone. This body is amazing!

Yesterday, I was answering someones plea for help on the forum. My husband came up and started reading behind me as I typed my name at the bottom. He said that I should keep going on the forum. You can help people there. He is now good with it!

I also am having some good days physically. Okay, so today has not been the best. I was wide awake and happy at 4 am, but oh, no I am tired now. We did school, froze a bushel of beans, and chased chickens to put in a truck! It is okay to be tired at the end of a long busy day. Yeah, that is okay.

I want for anyone whose family doesn't yet understand to hold on. Keep on your diet and doing what you have to do. I couldn't put on a show and act nice, but now I sometimes just don't feel irritable. It is like I was trying to carry 100 lb weight through my life. Now it is lifted. I can get somewhere now.

Maybe I will get to the end of this post.zzzzzzz


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That's great that your family are coming around DT. :) Learning to eat healthy food is so important for them also. It is a skill they can use their whole lives. And maybe pass onto their children. Hopefully they won't become celiac or gluten sensitive, but it might happen someday. Or someone they know may need help with it.

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