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The Dentist



Five years back I had my last talk with my dentist. He told me that maybe I had an Autoimmune disease. Wow! That sounded big, but what could it mean? I didn't bother to look it up. I thought that maybe I was falling apart from the inside out. It seemed to me that I was dying; why go to a dentist? I needed to get to the bottom of my health problems and try to get back to living--- insides first. I began to work with my friend the chiropractor who had brought me back to life 10 years before. I couldn't pay for the supplements and the dentist too, so the dentist had to go!

Well, it has been 5 years and I am no longer dying. Now, I have an appointment with the dentist coming up in November. I have already warned them about my celiac. I did have my teeth cleaned a couple of years back, but not since I removed gluten from my diet.

I trust this dentist slightly more than other dentists. When they removed my mercury fillings they used a rubber dam to prevent shavings from going down my throat. I wonder if they can clean the teeth with one there.

Regardless, of how many times I brush my gum line the hygentist always tell me I must do better brushing them. The enamel came off my teeth in high school and another dentist claimed it was neglect that lead to this. I had worn braces and learned to brush my teeth each time I ate during the years I had them. I always felt there must be an unknown factor in my dental problems. It seems like all of my brushing didn't overcome the problem and all of their lectures became unmotivating. If they can't tell if I have brushed or not; What then?

I am getting ready now. I have an electric brush and my homemade soap toothpaste. The paste works wonders for my daughter. She avoided dentist for three years and they said her teeth were beautiful.

I even have resorted to using my dental floss most days. An astonishing discovery since going gluten free was that the gums don't have to bleed while flossing!

I am wondering if anyone else does all there dentist says only to get the very same lectures the next time?
This time after the usual stuff, the hygentist said that sometimes when one's body doesn't absorb nutrients well there is too much calcium... in the saliva. She said that my deposits were only where my saliva puddles.
Bingo, I think she has finally got it!

I hope this will be the end of endless dentist lectures for me.


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