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Facing The Giants

Entry posted by 1desperateladysaved · - 783 views

I was in the kitchen, just minding my own business: the dishes. I had already put in a full day, or had I? For over a week, I had been suffering from a cold. The cold wasn't too bad, but the fatigue was overwhelming. It seemed I could accomplish nothing. This night the family of 7's dishes, for the whole day, were stacked on the counter.

It was too much for me, I ran into the pantry, shut the door and asked, how can I keep going? My daughter, that used to do the dishes at whim, is gone. She is in Korea and I don't think she will wash them. The darkness engulfed me. My hope flees rapidly when I am tired. I forget I am recovering and having higher highs. Well, I told the Lord that I didn't think there was much of me left, but I determined to give him whatever was left.

I remember a time, not too long ago when every day was a physical and emotional challenge to get through. A time when I told my friend that everyday dishes were too much for me. She said, that the only time she complained about doing the dishes was when she was really not feeling well. It was at that time 5 years ago when I realized that I was in serious trouble. I use to really enjoy meeting the daily needs of a household. Now I couldn't, but I had to. I was the mom.

I woke up this morning. Last night somehow I had done the dishes. I had peace that if I gave my life to the Lord He would be able to use it yet. Today, my energy was back. I scurried around doing the things I had only thought about in my mind for days perhaps weeks. I still felt good at the end of the day. I felt that good feeling of having had accomplished a worthwhile day.

I hope all of my readers will have good days like my day today. That you will have hope for those days when they don't come.




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