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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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This Is All New To Me

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My daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 2 months ago. This is all still very new to us but I thought we were handling it well. You see, while our daughter has numerous stomach complaints, her biggest "symptom? of celiac is her mood. I am searching for someone, anyone to connect with who also has these problems. I know she doesn't feel good, but boy oh boy can she be moody and mean on a bad day. She is 7 years old. She has a Marsh 3B lesion according to her biopsy and the doctor said 6-12 months before fully healing and feeling better. We also see symptoms in her learning - mainly with memory weaknesses. I just thought going gluten free would allow us to see effects and see it soon. After 2 months, there are still so many bad days. Can anyone relate?
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As a person suffering from celiac I can relate to problems with mood. Vitamin supplements have been helpful to me to spark recovery. You need your daughter to recover as soon as possible.

You should see improvement over time. I have just had a couple of joyous health triumps in caring for my son. It took a long time. I stuck as natural as possible and nourished him carefully. I also didn't give in to social pressure to feed him sugar. He didn't have celiac, but he did have damage to his villi. I have noticed his personality change somewhat. One day he told me that he didn't use to like school, but now he does.

I am home schooling, so I am very active in his school work. Even if you don't homeschool full time, if you join in, your daugher will probably like it better. Mine are enjoying playing a computer game to put names on 50 states. Make sure she has time to romp outside and get some sun. I try to get mine out for the whole afternoon when the weather is warm.

I hope your daughter will recover fully and her mind will clear. I had 30 years of symptoms and am now 6 months grain free. I am probably facing some allergies. At any rate the foggy, fatigued mind is hard to break through. One other note. When I am feeling my lowest, the highest high ever is usually coming. They don't last, yet, but it is fun when a high is happening. I guess that is the body cleaning out followed by the rewards. Your daughter is likely to be experiencing these kinds of things. Hang in there and keep on the diet.


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I am recently self diagnosed as gluten sensitive after 3 go rounds with elimination diets, but not with celiacs officially. Although my symptoms tend to "creep up" over time, rather than hitting me like a bus as they do with some people, I have to say I deeply relate to the mood issue you are describing with your daughter. I know it must be rough being on the receiving end of that from a 7 year old, but as a 31 year old woman I was shocked how out of control my emotions were while in the throws of things, and even now as I continue to heal. Just hang in there, it gets better as she starts to feel better.


I have found that being insanely strict about what I eat is the only way I TRULY get relief from those mood swings. Just remember that she may not even realize shes reacting this way. I didnt, even as a grown adult... anxiety and confusion kind of just have a way of taking over, and you just go into a survival mode almost. There may be a lot of symptoms she cant even vocalize, or doesnt know how to describe that just bring her down.... mine included several back pain for 8 months straight, stomach pain/upset etc, ear ringing, constant back pain, brain fog, memory issues, lots of anger and bad moods, worsened cramps, constant urge to crack my joints, racing pulse, increased yeast issues, fatigue .... the list goes on... I found introducing kombucha tea (GT's kombucha is my favorite) helps expedite the healing process for me as it is a fermented tea that increases the good bugs in the stomach. It is an acquired taste, but my 7 year old god daughter loves it because I make it out like its a treat. Strawberry is highly recommended ;) 


Youre doing great... this is VERY normal especially for a little one who doesnt get whats happening to her body. 

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