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Oh My Life :). It Is What It Is

Entry posted by StephieRN · - 1,362 views

This is my first blog entry so I'm gonna keep it light. Plus I'm typing from my phone so that makes it tough to write a quality blog :)
From my phone because walking to work! Hey celiac bloggers, I'm Stephanie, 36, an RN, and I walk 1.8 miles to work every morning so my teenager can keep the car. Lol people never understand that, and I don't understand how any MOM doesn't get that. We do what we have to do for oir kids. Plus, my jiggly a$s could use the exercise that's for sure.
So anyhooooo.... The weather is beautiful.

Today is day 3 gluten free. I have DH that's about 13 days old now, it's nearing the end hopefully. The last few outbreaks I had lingered on for awhile, the itch went away but the remnants/fine bumps stayed for a few months. Not bothersome just ugly. This entire summer I didn't wear a tank top one time because of the scars :(

So far so good on the gluten-free! The only thing in my kitchen glutenous is a half loaf of bread, due to my daughter, which I will discuss more in detail later :)

Thankful I have something so manageable. I'm thankful I found this website full of info and support. I'm thankful I found out now and not 15 years ago when the dx could have been super depressing. I'm thankful for a lot more than that this morning. <3 peace out

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Appreciate the post, so happy that I also found this website.. Hoping to find some answers and improve my quality of life..

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