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Yet To Be Diagnosed

Entry posted by redredwine · - 1,373 views

After having chronic diarrhea for over 3 weeks and numerous visits to hospital and docs.. blood tests now awaiting results, i have come to the self help conclusion i may have Celiac disease, as now i am eating gluten free products i have no diarrhea. I am not sure if i will be glad when my results come back and say yes i have or no i haven't.
What i feel i need help in doing is finding out how best to get the protein i need as i am almost veggi... i have small amount of chicken when my conscience allows, and don't eat too many eggs for the same reason!!
I realize my eating habbits will have to change drastically once diagnosed so want to help myself and not wait for the docs mixed and sometimes weak advice.

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I hope you will be able to heal and find a clear problem. There are more veggi people around and they may see this better if you post it under how to cope with celiac instead of blogs.

I just found I was intolerant to nearly everything I am eating but meat, so I can't
t help much. You do need alot of protein to heal. Also you can't get B12 from veggies very well if at all. A sublingle form is the best.

Nut butters and pumpkin seeds have protein. Don't forget good fats I use coconut, olive, palm oil, and olive oil.

Here's some flowers *** Get well soon,

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Ok thank you Diane for your reply.. i'm new at this blogging thing too lol..

Every bit of info is great... so much to take in !!!

Thank you for the flowers... now to sort out my blogging :)

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