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Gluten They Are Missing In Drugs!

[b]Soooooo, how many of you realized that Sodium Starch Glycolate (a common filler in EVERYTHING) is considered gluten and toxic to those of us who have severe Celiac?[/b] [b]I learned the hard way.....[/b]

[b]After being bitten by what they think was a deer tick (had a round bullseye rash) I was put on what was supposed to be a gluten free drug. I was SICKER after taking the drug...dawned on me I had better research the filler ingredients. Turns out to those very sensitive, SODIUM STARCH GLYCOLATE is in the same family as gluten and cannot be tolerated. [/b]

[b]Now.....go to www.glutenfreedrugs.com and they list SO many drugs that indeed CONTAIN this hidden gluten! I have been getting sick and not understanding why.....now I know. Please let everyone know about this hidden substance that should be included in the GLUTEN TOXIC SUBSTANCES that make us so very sick :([/b]

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This is from the University Of Chicago Celiac Center Facebook page yesterday:

"Gluten contamination can occur when filler ingredients are added to drugs. Make sure that your over-the-counter and prescription medications are gluten-free. We recommend the following site as a resource.


[url="http://glutenfreedrugs.com/"]glutenfreedrugs.com[/url] "

This does not mean that all fillers are made from wheat, but a few may be.

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It also needs to be stated that broad spectrum antibiotics are going to be killing off your good digestive flora along with the bad bacteria. That's going to make you feel like crap, regardless of whether or not it contains gluten.

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