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I Am Trying So Hard Not To Get Giddy This Time

Entry posted by 1desperateladysaved · - 1,356 views

Here I go again. I think I am going through the same old series of happenings that I go through every time I begin a new phase of attempting to heal.

I begin: New supplements
: New diet change or
: New excercise plan

I begin with enthusiasm. I feel better. I get overwhelmed with the work, but I go on hoping that I can maintain the really better feeling. Finally, I realize the good feeling has been gone for a long time. I don't know what can be done. I lose hope. I discover a new idea and begin...

I have been through this cycle over and over and over for 30 years! I picked up natural foods,, herbs, and moved to a farm. Six months back I tried eliminating gluten.

My recent attempt is a rotational diet. Just now I am trying very hard not to get giddy. I felt Okay for days, but now I am feeling really good. I caution myself the extreme high could set me up for despair when the diet I am trying just isn't the answer to all of my problems. I am finding it very difficult to stick to the rotational diet 100%. I am an all or nothing person, so this is not a comfortable position. At any rate it seems to be helping. Or might it be a new variety of B12 or the pancreatic enzymes I recently began? Perhaps, but I did feel better before they began. I tend to start several things at once in a desperate sort of way. This is awfully unscientific of me, but it does work for me.

It is good that I didn't try to implement all of the ideas I now use overnight. Oh, how overwhelmed I would be! I would like everyone in this spot be take courage when excitement gives way to hopelessness.

I am praying for my readers. I hope you will find ways to heal all of your diseases.


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I am still having a clear mind. I had an illness, but it was mild (compared to my families) and I recovered in a couple of days. Giddy? No, not yet!

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