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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Mommy, Your Dress Is Too Big.

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I have always emphasized eating to be healthy and did not focus on my weight or figure. I am somewhere around a month (?) into my rotational diet and also began pancreatic enzymes and vitamin B recently. My weight began at around 200 6 years back. I lost 30 lbs when I began a supplement program with my chiropractor. My weight had become relatively stable at 170. That seemed an okay weight at 5'7" since I am nearing 50 years old.

The last week I've noticed my face is looking thin. I have been noticing that my pants are getting baggy. The crotch is hanging way too low and gets in my way when I am walking. I always wear a dress that covers me, so my struggles with that are not obvious to others. I also feel my bones coming out from various places. My skin is somewhat sensitive to the touch. I felt tickled when I was touched lately, and I hadn't had that feeling for years. I have also noticed that my belly is debloating. I had this running argument with my doctors about weather my muscles were out of shape or something was odd. Just now, it looks like I could win that argument.

My little daughter (8 years) had a look at me today. She said, :"Mommy, that dress is too big for you!"

It is just a bit too big. I think it is one I threw in the bottom of the closet last summer, because it was too tight.

I haven't eaten sweets (except 2 almond cookies) for nearly 6 years. I was wondering why I wasn't the wisp of a girl I was in high school. But everyone tends to put it on. My weight gain began in my 20's as many people's do. It seemed strange, in my case that my belly looked like a I was pregnant often, or like a person suffering in a famine with a distended belly. When I took measurements my waist was way bigger than the rest of my body.
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