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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Backing Off. I Am To Have No More Foods That I Have Antibodies For!

Entry posted by 1desperateladysaved · - 2,064 views

[size=5]Here I go again into territory I have not yet conquered. The challenge: to eat only foods, I had no measured intolerances to, for 6 weeks. These 10 good foods included 5 protein foods, 2 vegetables, and 3 fruits. The test had been for about 85 foods and of them, I had 10 left. I also may eat any food not tested. [/size]

[size=5]I heard the average American only eats 12 foods over and over. For the test, I strived to take in most of the 85 items. Some I already knew I have a problem with, so I avoided them. Many of them, I eat fairly regularly. [/size]

[size=5]I stopped at a natural coop and looked at all of the varieties of meat. I passed by the beef and chicken and ended up trying, flounder, buffalo, elk, and lamb. I wouldn't dare feed some of these to my family, but I thought sure that I could eat them. I wanted to still be able to do my rotational diet, so 4 items were the minimum. I also could have other fish, I noticed for another day. If it would have been there, rattlesnake didn't have to be in my diet! I could draw my new line there.[/size]

[size=5]At home I thought that I could start it at breakfast the next day. I wasn't certain I could, because I had neglected to do a complete shopping job with list in hand. Breakfast as usual, I thought, except skip the muffin from nut flours. I cooked up my poached eggs and had a banana. At lunch, I had leftovers from the night before. Sardines would do the trick. My appetite seemed slack and I got satisfied. Meal after meal, I wasn't too hungry and I skimped by. After each meal, I wasn't quite sure if I could come up with a plan for the next meal. Each time, I did.[/size]

[size=5]Finally yesterday, after 5 days of it, my hunger raged. My serving sizes increased. The foods seemed really filling, though, so at supper I placed the extra in the freezer. I labeled it and packed it to be packed to go along on some outing. [/size]

[size=5]I tried Elk. I squirmed a bit thinking it a lot like bambi, but decided that, that animal gave its life to nourish me and I received it with thanks. I refused to tell my family what I ate, but commented that it tasted good. I could have thought of it a hamburger and never guessed it wasn't, if I hadn't known. [/size]

[size=5]A day or two after discovering my diet change , I picked up groceries I had ordered the week before. Here was plenty of frozen vegetables, fruits, and nuts that I wasn't allowed to eat. We have more people around to eat them, so I left my family to follow the regular rotation any time I cook. It is nice just to look at the chart and see what to make rather then deciding every time. I told my family they could do whatever works for them when they cook. Thankfully, some of the fruit ordered, wasn't on the test, and I rarely eat it, so I felt I probably didn't have antibodies to it.[/size]

[size=5]Every chance I get I stop at the grocery store and look for different fruits and vegetables. These have been the hardest for me to include. I picked out bok choy, turnips, and burdock root. I have sea weed in noodle or dried form in my kitchen. I would really like to get a rotational diet going with all these, but I haven't got there yet. I have been daily falling to bananas, cucumbers, olives, and avocados. All of these I felt reasonably confident in. I had eaten them before the test and I didn't have antibodies to them[/size]

[size=5]After several days, I noticed that hazlenuts and pumpkin seeds were not tested. There may be other nuts I could have, but I don't have enough of them to make them for my family. With these nuts I could make some of my favorite foods: muffins. I just grind them into a flour and make muffin batter in the food processor. I am planning to restrict their use to only once every four days. This morning's pumpkin seed/fenugreek muffins really hit the spot! I expected them to taste like cardboard. Since nobody else had to eat them, I didn't care. I long since gave up the idea of eating only what tastes good. It is surprising how often I end up liking things.[/size]

[size=5]All and all, I am again trying not to feel giddy, because I am feeling better and better. [size=5]Sometimes, I wonder if I am on one of those Survivor Shows. I better check behind the kitchen light fixture for a camera![/size][/size]

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On May 2nd, I can add one food at a time from my very low antibody category.  I have switched what food to add first almost daily!  I have had some yeast die off issues over the past few weeks. 


I can't wait to add Lentils,

ah no, beef,

I mean broccoli! 

Or some spice, maybe?


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Tomorrow is the day?  Do I stick with almonds, or maybe sweet potatoes, or broccoli.  It is hard to decide.  Whatever it is I eat a regular amount, and see if I have symptoms within 4 days.  After that, I get to decide what food is next.


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I am feeling very well. I am slowly adding foods back one by one.   I think that my toe with fungus is healing.  A couple of nights recently bedtime came, but I wasn't tired.  I am still afraid to get giddy, but so glad for some days with energy!


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One year later:  Back to those foods I didn't have antibodies to again.  I am really feeling better again.  It is so strange, I didn't have my fatigue and mind fog, but other symptoms like inflammation just seemed to increase.  I am thankful for the help I have from a functional medicine nurse.  She sometimes admits she was wrong!  BUT I am recovering after 30 years of trouble and it is good.




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