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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Its Looking More Than Likely ....

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Well ... where to start...

[b]15th March[/b] 2012 - After spending the previous 2 days in agony (Left hip and lower back) and being unable to walk I took myself off to the doctors to be refferred back to physio .... again -At Drs - Physio appointment secured (for 3 weeks time!!! - not happy considering I have a 2.5 yr old and very heavy 6 month baby) after mentioning as a side issue that I thought my milk sensitivity was getting worse the Dr. looked at me curiously ...'What milk sensitivity? and how is it getting worse?' ... And so it began
Whilst pregnant with my first child in 2010 I noticed that I couldnt tolerate milk very well or chinese food - I reduced my intake and that was that. Whilst pregnant with my baby elephant in 2012 I developed pelvic girdle pain and couldnt walk without crutches - luckily the physio therapy worked quickly this time), the milk sensitivity hit me like a brick violently vommitting, within 15/20 minutes of having any (with hindsight I had the same reaction to chinese food & pasta and pesto but thought it was the pesto!) I mentioned it to the GP who said it was probably a temporary milk sensitivity and that it should go away after the birth. I dutifully removed milk (and pasta) and felt substantially better losing the grey palor I had been sporting.
My son was born after 3 contractions (and 6 minute labour) on 20th October weighing a substantial 9lbs 2.5oz, the milk sensitivity seemed to have gone, however after about a week of having returned to my previous milk consumption the sensitivity was back - diarrohea or if I was lucky loose stools which seemed to be agravated by caffine. So 6 months later Im at the Dr's.... she said 'thats unusual' and asked some standard questions and continued 'I think you may have a problem with gluten' adamantly I shook my head 'nope it's definately milk' I insisted several times - we agreed for some bloods and a stool sample to be sent off.

[b]17th March [/b]- decided to have a gluten free day to see if this was a waste of time...

[b]18th March [/b]- noted considerable inprovement in tummmy didnt feel so stodgy and considerably less wind - Began to think that maybe there was something in it ... returned to eating gluten the next day for the blood tests ...

[b]20th March [/b]- Stool sample sent off (really didn't want to do this) - Blood test - cancelled as no staff

[b]21st March[/b] - Blood test 4 vials taken - arm feels really sore (and lasts for about 4 days)

[b]22nd March [/b]- Back at Dr's for anal exam (Did not relish the thought) Was nowhere as bad as I had expected and nothing untoward found tummy felt fine too. Discussed the day trial and the immediate benefits I felt and agreed to trial the diet as it cant hurt.

[b]29th March[/b] - Dr.s follow up appointment - [b]blood tests normal and celiac negative[/b]. So why was I feeling better if its not gluten? . So when the Dr asked me how I was ... I suddenly realised ... 'oh my word... I feel.... well actually I feel great thank you very much' ...
Noted that my hip/lower back feeling much better but still had the annoying pelvic girdle pain developed during 2nd pregnancy
Stools approaching normal consistency, and not foul smelling any more
Not bloated
Not having the sluggish sludge like feeling in my tummy
I had energy - I was normally always tired/exhausted (night feeds aside)
My whole body didnt ache - since the age of 17 I have had unexplained joint pain put down to viral arthritis and a questionable diagnosis of early onset osteoarthritis in my left hip which sporadically puts me on crutches for periods of 4 to 6 weeks ....
I was awake when I opened my eyes in the morning instead of walking around in a fog
Where was my headache? I hadnt had one for days! and no aura from threatening migraines
my hair wasnt dropping out as viciously
my nails were stronger
The dry scaly patches on my knuckles, elbows knees were almost like skin pretty much not cracked at all - my previously sand paper soles of my feet were reduced
my skin over all was much softer
The frequent windiness (very smelly) had gone
I started to feel the tips of my fingers and toes!
I could see without any of those stupid floaty things in my eyes
The pin prick burst capilaries around thhe tops of my legs and on my breasts had started to lessen
The rash behind my ear was healing!
The dark circles under my eyes were lightening
I could walk up both sets of stairs in my house without needing to sit down for a rest to catch my breath!

[b]Oh my word!! [/b]

Infact the only thing I could find to complain about was my chronic heartburn! (have had this for years it went away both times I was pregnant only to return again after the births)
I was Refered to a Gastroenterlogist...

[b][b]10th April [/b][/b]- Physio appointment - pretty poor show on my side - flexibilty high but very poor control given lots of exercises to do to strengthen muscles.

[b]17th April[/b] - Gastroenterologist appointment - nice man who wasted no time in putting a camera where it doesnt shine! he confirmed all normal down that end - discussed what I had found, he made me a day appointment for an endoscopy on 9th May as he thinks Im ceoliac...Only I have to eat gluten again until the appointment ...
1pm started to eat gluten - I felt like I was poisioning myself with each bite
2.30pm background headahe starts ...

[b]18th April [/b]- 8am - lose stinky stools, by1pm bloated and windy by 6pm absolutely exhausted - floaters in eyes and I feel like sludge. :( .... Decided to record how I feel in this blog 7.30pm breathless sat watching TV eyes feel heavy - really not wanting to eat another bite ... In reflection for the brief gluten free spell I havent felt so good since my early teens ... oh my word has this thing knawed away 20 odd years of my life? I havent been well for so long...

[b]Roll on 9th May whatever the results say 9th May will be the first day of the rest of my life! I will be a gluten free disciple and I will feel better![/b]
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