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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Every Day Is A Learning Day It Seems ...

Entry posted by Ohmyword · - 1,183 views

[b]20th April [/b]- I have dragged myself through this beautiful spring day feeling horrendous, trying to comfort my two boys (it looks very much like they have chicken pox) whilst feeling like I just want to curl up under my duvet in the dark and sleep through the next 3 weeks - of course I would fail my gluten challenge if I did this ... So after a gluten free day I have just consumed my quota for the day and look forward to the misery of tomorrow with my poorly boys whilst my husband goes to work :(
So extreme thirst is another symptom hey ... I guess drinking 6 litres a day throughout my pregnancy would qualify me on that one - and even then waking through the night with terrible leg cramps being absolutely parched - its coming back - I havent let the bottle of water leave my side today - maybe Im trying to hydrate to avoid the please chop my head off headache whilst trying to beat back the heartburn with the overdose of perperminty sweetie things
I am on the whole a really positive person I see the good and the possibilities in most situations - but I feel like this one is really testing me - Im thankful that Im off on maternity leave and not having to try to cope with work as well as feeling like this - I feel blessed that I know what is causing my distress and ask for strength to get me through until the 9th...

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Oh My Word, YOU MEAN, You aren't a volunteer either?


Chicken Pox?  Baking Soda baths were soothing when they start getting itchy.  I hope that you have plenty of tubs or small boys that can share.  Liquid Vitamin ACE is something my chiropractor recommended to fight the pox.  But don't give too much to fast, because you want them to end up fully immune.


You might try coconut water for that parched mouth.  It quenches my thirst better than water. You can find this water in young coconuts.  I also buy it from the grocery store in cans.  I recommend looking for 100% natural product with just coconut water. 


I guess you are new, since I don't recall your name.  I like it!


You sound like your having a rough time and I hope this 3 weeks will go faster then you think!  I guess you are meaning a 3 week gluten challenge.


I hope you are enjoying your little newborn and just taking down time as much as possible, I mean.



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Extreme thirst is a red flag for diabetes, which can be gestational (related to pregnancy). Please have yourself tested for this. It is a simple, non-invasive test that could have great impact on your future health.

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Indeed thats what I mean! Diana not sure what you mean by a volunteer? 

Thank you for the tips on dealing with chicken pox! and for the tips on coconut milk I actually have some (I make smoothies for breakfast) so will give it a go in a bit!

Yup Im new and on a massive learning curve this is all relatively new to me - I hope it does go quickly - I seem to have reacted more severely after reintroducing gluten than I did originally :/


Thanks psawyer I will go and get checked out this week - I feel like I like at the dr's/hospital atm


Just realised I not put my details anywhere - 35 (on Tuesday coming) married 7 years to long suffering DH, 2 DS's. Living in Liverpool England and currently enjoying lovely weather (which makes a nice change)

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