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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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....and It Continues ...

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I was slightly annoyed with our beautful sunny day yesterday because of ....well, basically the sun ... it was too, well ... sunny! the light hurt my eyes...I drive around with my sun visor down (and have done for years) because the light is to bright - the computer back light is turned real low (DH keeps highering it up); and driving at night wow who needs drugs! the lights from street and headlights - its like looking at starbursts with rays of light shooting from the centre.

My DH will be pleased about the next one ....there is a reason for my low sex drive thats not just post baby/breast feeding/co-sleeping related - He now feels happy at the posibility of some action before I plan to stop feeding ..... in a year or so!

Physio appt - I showed some improvement ... but need to try harder! I dont physically have the time in the day when the baby is not attached to me! ... although she did show some appreciation for the reintroduction of gluten hindering my progress ... she continued to manipulate my back .... several rounds of paracetamol and ibuprofen later - it still hurts! .... or am I a wuss?!

Generally I'm feeling old 'normal', head in a fog, tired, lacking in concentration - unable to get to the end of a conversational point without asking - what was I talking about!?, no motivation,headachy etc etc etc ... ... yada yada .....

The days are passing though, and with every blog entry I'm a day closer to my gluten free, happy healthy, non farty days :)

Until tomorrow ... or sooner if I find more symptoms! lol! x
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