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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Alert-Other Possible Cause Of Celiac Like Symptoms

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well tried to copy and paste my story...but didn't work...so here it is....

I have been going thru some things over the last 18 months that led me to be tested for Celiac, 3 blood tests were normal, as well as biopsies...everything I was tested for came out normal, however I was having severe reactions to gluten ingestion only after 20 minutes or so...I also have had a chronic caugh for the last 8 months, that was getting worse....I changed my primary care provider because she just wasn't helping me...in fact would listen to what I was reporting, month after month, and then just saying "I'll think on it and see you in a month"...basicly running out the door while I was still sharing...and unable to decide what tests to order...I ended up researching everything and leading the whole thing when it came to tests....based on symptoms...anyway, just a couple of weeks ago, I was in the ER for an allergic reaction to strawberries...the next day I had an appt with this rimary care person, but she was out sick....but since I was already there, the staff scrambled to findsomeone else to see me, es since they knew I was in the ER the night before...a nurse that I had seen previously, before she moved to a different city and passed me to the one I was currentoly seeing, and came back later...offered to see me....she came in and took charge, because of the ER experience and since she was following what was going on with me, she prescribed steriods to get rid of the inflammation...I was also taking 2 Allegra per day from before as well as 3 Benadryl per day form the ER....since the cough started when I began a certain medication, she instructed me to stop for now and see what happens...the cough actually got worse...so she ordered an inti-biotic...which didn't help....I had an appt the following Monday, when I went in my cough was severe as well as I had no voice....she order chest Xray as well as some blood tests...and put me on what she called the strongest antibiotic available...
I had bowel issues over the last 30 years or so, and after the first table, not only my bowel issue was solved but also the food sensitivities...(including gluten)....researching what this antibiotic address, as well as remembering all the symptoms over the years, I figured out the following...when I shared this with the nurse, she agreed on all of this.....Back when I was married, probably about 1979, I got an infection, was really sick, and when I asked my hunsband to take me into town to the ER...he refused and said "it was all in my head"...(one of the reasons I am now divorced)...anyway, it appears I had Strep throat and it was NOT treated...all this time, I have had this latent in my body...I have had antiotics over this time, but nothing changed in this respect....it apparenlty is the cause of chronic diarhhea, with became severe, after going to a local DR in my small town, and was actually more of an incontenance issue...very stressful and annoying...and expensive as I was taking massive doses of Immodiam just to get out the door to go to work....this apparently caused diverticulitis, as well as heart damage.....high blood pressure and high cholesterol.....then when my daughter visited us from Australia,, she was sick...thinking it was a virus....before going back she had to go to the ER in California and get antibiotics....half my family was exposed...and now are having the gluten symptoms....a year later my daughter actually got really sick and was hospitalized with sepsis..nearly died.....apparently is was a Staph infection, (by my symptoms)...there is one Staph bug that can cause malabsorption, as well as food sensitivites...UTI's, bronchitis, pneumonia, endocarditis, encephilitis, menengitis, boils, sepsis as well as death...both of these for me were latent after the initial exposure, only producing minor symptoms, until I had a streeful event and then my whole body went crazy....
anyway the point of this is, if you have gluten issues or other foos sensitities, that showed up later in life as opposed to childhood, PLEASE go get tested for bacterial infections...what I had apparently was ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANT BACTERIAL INFECTIONS...I was given LEVAQUIN 500 mg, 1 per day for 10 days....I responded with the first tablet....eating gluten 2 hours later with NO NEG RECTION and in the morning my bowel issue was gone and back to normal....you need to be monitored while on this med because there can be severe and lasting side effects....this med is used for ANTIBIOT RESISTANT Strep, Staph, Inhalational Anthrax, plaues, UTI's, Acute Bronchitis, Acute Sinusitis, Community Acquired Pneumonia, etc...most of these are resistant to other antibiotics....over the years, because of my bowel complaints, I have had 3 colonoscopies, and nobody everthought to check for bacterial infection..only told me to get more fiber...the answer became apparent only after the current nurse decided to give me this particular antibiotic...then everything seemed to fall into place....it seems that everyone around me could have this bug...at work, half of the staff has been in and out of the office sick over the last year or so...obviously, it's time to share with them....all of this was figured out by ACCIDENT...
When I had started eating gluten-free, I was eating a gluten-free soup, almost everyday, and from that point I was getting severe muscle/bone pain....it got better when I discontinued eating this...however did not completely go away, till I started to take an iodine suppliment, and almost immediately I was painless...but after the antibiotic this pain came back....
this is one of thepossible side effects of this antbiotic...so it's possible that I will soon be over this...but the nurse is testing for Lupus as Rheumatiod antibodies just to rule out..with this I will know more next week....
I hope this information will help some of you get a handle on this....GOOD LUCK
OH, I can eat ANYTHING NOW...
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Is the test for bacterial infection a blood test? How does it differ from normal blood work?

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Wow!! That is a story!! I hope you are feeling better!! That is amazing!! I know my Dr. Looked at me crazy when I said I was having hallucinations ! He didn't do anything about it , but he looked at me like I was crazy!! I don't fake stuff!! Why does it we find this stuff on accident? i just wish our Drs. would be a lil more on the ball so to speak!! But it seems they do a blood test to appease us and then get to their next appt. I am so sorry you went thru so much!! That is alot of helpful info you have in there!! Hopefully it will help someone!! 

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