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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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dani nero


Starting a blog on this website seemed like a pretty good idea moments ago, but now that I'm posting my first entry, I'm not really sure what to say :-)

An intro perhaps?
Hi, I'm Dani. I am an illustrator, and I seem to like the idea of calling myself an artist as well!

I am a self diagnosed celiac (or at least I think I am). My general health has improved ever since I started the diet, specifically since my periods (which were absent prior to the diet) are regular now!

The hardest part of being celiac is that I have been isolated from others, which has resulted in a boring and lonely lifestyle. I believe, however, that I started caring less about that when I realized I could be happy without being surrounded by people, or at least that's what the theory was. Whether it has been verified is a completely different story. The most important thing to me is not to get sick again and not to jump ship no matter what others think or say. This resulted with having less people who enjoy my company, but I'm not going to let that affect my judgement.

I guess that's enough blogging for one day.
Dani over.
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Wow Dani, your work is really good. I especially like the picture of the old race car.

Is that done on computer or are you drawing/painting by hand? it reminds me of water color. You are very talented.


I feel your pain with the Celiac's. Its can be a lonely life, but its part of who you are. If someone can't accept that, then you should work to surround yourself with people who do. If they care about you they will accept you no matter what, even your intestines :)


Some things I do to cope, music (obviously you have your art), I got a dog. He is my best friend now. Enjoying outside. Finding social activities that aren't based around food.


Good luck and thanks for sharing.

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Aww, thanks so much for the kind words Nate! 90% of my drawings / paintings are digital :-) 


I agree with all you're saying about life as a celiac.  I stopped bothering with people a while ago as it's not so easy to find and meet new people but I guess that it's something we have to force ourselves to do. Although my husband is really tired of hearing about celiac, he's still incredibly supportive and doesn't bring gluten into the house. 


Pets are amazing companions.. They probably keep us from going insane ;-)

What social activities have you found? I'm thinking about taking sailing lessons.. and perhaps form a travel-painting group. 

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Well they are really good. You for sure have talent.


I've had to cut out a lot of old friends for various reason, Celiac being one of them. But I've tried some new things in that time. I'm not the most social person as it is and with health issues now I sometimes have to force myself out.

I've played softball and kickball up until last winter. Yes adult kickball. it was a lot of fun.

I also like to play or go to open mic nights, but i'm not a big fan of the bar scene and not a drinker.

I've recently found a new love of hiking and a friend who enjoys it too. Been exploring around different parks and areas where I live. The heat where I live is a little oppressive but its nice to get outside and my dog has limitless energy.

Sometimes just trying to things will get you the opportunity to meet new people also.

There is actually a park with a lake near me that has zip lines, kayaks, and sailing lessons. I've been staring at the sail boats thinking how peaceful it looks. I may give it a go one day if I work up the nerve.

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Yeah, why not :-) Sailing looks like a peaceful fun thing to me too, although people say that it's not for everyone. 

Hiking is also nice and offers a great workout for the entire body. What type of dog do you have by the way? He probably really loves you for taking him on hiking trips :-)

We're having too many ticks in Sweden this year sadly, so I'm avoiding the outdoors. Our area has a high risk of lyme disease too :-( 


Thanks again for the compliment by the way. Really made me happy.

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You are quite welcome.
Sweden!!?? wow. I didn't know they had a tick problem there. I would have thought the cold would have killed them off.

I have a cocker spaniel. He is 7 years old. He likes the walking for sure, but sometimes its nice to go by myself. Half the time he ends up dragging me to where I feel like the one being walked, not him.


I was going to ask, I noticed you post a lot about probiotics. Do you have a certain brand you recommend? I was thinking about starting them to see if it helps me at all, but the internet is of course filled with contradicting information about them, like everything else.


Its to bad you can't share your pictures on this site too. I was going to put a picture of my dog up, but I cant seem to figure out how.

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I would have thought that you were already on probiotics :-O If you're not, then I really strongly think that taking probiotics would make a huge difference for you! Celiacs tend to lack a lot of the helpful intestinal bacteria due to the damage their intestines has endured. You should definitely give it a try. 


Culturelle does not contain a dozen types of bacteria but it has the smallest amount of additives and ingredients, which is why it is one of the best out there. It was actually recommended by more than one person from this forum, so I'm not the only one using it. 

I would recommend that you ask more people though and compare notes. 


The link I gave you is just to show you the brand I take, but I wouldn't recommend ordering from that website since they are situated in europe. I order from it just because it isn't available in any swedish pharmacy. 


It would be nice to see your dog. I'm not sure how to upload pics to this site, but I know that some people upload their pics to hosting sites like photobucket or something similar then put the links here. 

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Hello. Did you ever get diagnosed with DH? Your photos look just like what I have. Thanks.

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