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My Last Dentist Trip, Until The Next One.

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[size=5]I shouldn't be too surprised. This week (May 12) got off to an awful start. I should have maybe cancelled the dentist for this week. Still, I went off a little optimistic that I would not get lectures this time. I have been gluten free for over a year and hadn't had any cavities for several years.

The hygentist listened half sympathetically as I mentioned that I had mal-absorption (now diagnosed). Another hygentist had told me that mal-absorption could cause deposits everywhere the saliva puddles in one's mouth. I had been told that the deposits on my teeth were minerals which the body could not use. Six months ago, they scraped it all off. Now The hygentist explained these mineral deposits tended to protect the teeth from decay. However for me today, I had 2 new cavities and 2 watches.

Some days, I just wish I had never heard of Celiac disease. OF coarse, that would never work if I had it. The hygentist then prescribed that I put Calcium and magnesium powder on my teeth. I am wondering. Why scrape off calcium or mineral deposits, protecting the teeth, in order to purchase calcium powder to dab on?

While the hygentist cleaned my teeth I began to have a headache and feel irritable. I can tell by reading the above that I did. It wasn't too bad. Then I got home and my little ones said, "What did you eat, Mom, you are reacting to something? They saw that my face glowed bright red. Then I looked down at my belly and saw that I was bloating up. I spent a few days recovering from that.

If you need a dental lecture, let me know. "Maybe if you just brush a little more, and floss a little better, or use a different toothbrush." all will be well, they say. I used and did nearly everyday exactly as I was told. The same lectures all over tend to be demotivating.

Today is the day that I am going to have those bad teeth worked on. I keep hoping they might have some good news of improvement. When will I ever learn?[/size]
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My next appointments were for a root canal and fillings.  I got through these with no bloating, and no bright red face.  I did get a headache, but I think the root canal itself caused that.  Too much drilling.  Also, the headache didn't appear until the day after.

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