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I Just Came To Say Hello

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blog-0199068001376950358.jpgSo very recently I found out I have a gluten allergy and I'm already being mocked for it.

I'm being [i]mocked[/i] for something my body has done of which I have no control over. In what world should that be right?

Anyway I don't feel like I should start venting yet but finding people on here a similar age to me (I'm 18) who can help me as a newcomer to the [color=#ff0000]goodbyegluten[/color] club would be brilliant.

Do you want to know about me? If you don't I'd stop reading now.

So my name is Jordan
I'm 18
I'm female
I have just completed my a-levels but I am not going to university
I love to [u]perform[/u] - singing, dancing, acting and playing my guitar.
I read a lot. I love Harry Potter. I love Lord of the Rings.
When it comes to listening to music I love all of the old stuff
[b]The Who The Verve Johnny Cash The Cure David Bowie :wub:[/b][b] [/b]etc

That's a bit about me so if anyone would like a random chat feel free to contact me :D
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I love your taste in music! The oldies are goodies :-)


P.S. Don't listen to the haters - keep being you! 

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Mocked for being Celiac? I certainly hope it is not your friends or family. All my friends and family have been supporting me 100% I have not run into 1 friend that has not supported me! Maby it is your age group? I hope it gets better for you. I am not 18, I am 53 I am here for support :) I also like your taste in Music!! I love your lil saying! Keep being you!! 

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