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Entry posted by Rowena · - 554 views

So I understand things that make esophagitis act up can vary between different people. However there are items that seem to be a gold standard for almost everyone with the problem to avoid. Things like Tomatoes, Onions, Spicy, Lemons/Oranges and their corresponding juices, and even caffeine and chocolate. So I thought, well, I wanted to see if I could have my old go to when it came to chocolate. Carob. Love the stuff,honestly, and too me its really not that far off in taste from chocolate.
However, it seems, I go back to that awful problem of sore throat and constricted throat that makes it hard to swallow... and all those other crazy symptoms that come along with my esophagitis. (And when you can't swallow a pill that's supposed to help you with your swallowing problems, that SUCKS) So long story short, no more carob for this gal... Don't really want this awful pain and tiredness and sickness seeming attributes anymore.

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