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Gluttened Twice & More Blood Tests

Entry posted by Guest · - 249 views

Three weeks ago I ate two cookies with gluten, thinking since they were Midol, they were gluten free. No wonder they were so good. LOL. Later discovered the mistake before I ate anymore. Four days later I accidently got cross contaminated. Needless to say I have not felt good since then. Start to feel better and then I am sick again. Yesterday I went to the lab and had nine vials of blood drawn to check out all of the vitamins. Came home and slept for almost three hours. I just want the exhaustion to go away. Went out to dinner with friends last night at PF Chang's and the food was wonderful as usual. Had a steamed salmon (gluten-free) with plenty of wonderful gluten-free seasoning and gluten-free soy. Also had a combination fried rice plate, but with only the chicken and shrimp, as the other items had already been seasoned with gluten soy sauce. I have never gotten sick there and hope I don't jinx it by saying that. The waiters have all been very knowledgable. I've gotten a few things done in the past two weeks, but am so far behind with everything. I would just like to have enough energy to do more then read a book. I also want to stop taking the High Protein Ensure as I am allergic to the corn and soy and my face has a rash on it. I bought a new product that was reccomended for energy that has no wheat, soy, corn, etc. But it has some items listed that scare me and so I emailed the company to ask about them. No one has gotten back to me and I hope they do soon. There was no phone number to call. It is called Nature's Plus Source of Life liquid. The two items I am concerned about are Natural flavors and young barley leaf. I know we can't have barley, but is the leaf different?



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