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The Advantages Of Having Celiac: For Me And For My Family

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I owe a lot to celiac,

If it weren't for celiac I would eat like an American: chips, soda pop, and candy until gone, but undiagnosed celiac motivated me to cut out sweets. I learned to eat vegetables, I grew more and more motivated to learn about and use foods to nourish.

When I got married I knew how to cook hotdogs, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, and scrambled eggs. Oh, I had fried chicken once and browned beef. My family would have learned careless eating habits from me, but instead I set a good example for many years. You see, I thought by improving my diet, I would feel better. With each effort, it did seem better for a time, but it didn't last, so I would improve something else.

Because I pined for energy, and got nauseated during pregnancies, all thanks to celiac, My daughters learned how to make whole meals. The eldest daughter made her first meal when only 6. I guided her from my position lying on the countertop. Even my son does oatmeal.

After I got diagnosed with celiac, my family got to see what I was willing to do to change my health. My daughter marveled I could stop eating gluten. I thought it seemed a little inconvenience compared to the struggle associated with eating it.

I could not keep up my house all on my own. We had a large family and everyone pitched in to help. My children learned how to do the laundry, fold towels, and clean house. If I could of done it all, I would have, and they would have been untrained.

Because I had celiac disease, I found out my genes. My children/siblings/cousins/parents/aunts and uncles are aware of symptoms to watch out for. Nobody else should have to go 30 years undiagnosed.

My dentist's patients should not be subjected to endless lectures, but instructed to be checked for celiac disease. Perhaps the signs of mal-absorption will be noticed for what they are.

Now, I can be a supportive friend (I hope) to those who suffer physically. I can pick them out anywhere and everywhere, because I know what to look for. I can encourage them; I have been there.

Just this week I shared my nutrient absorption test with a friend. I learned her daughter had just found out she had lupus. My friend gathered information for her daughter and marveled at my glowing appearance. She watched 6 years back as I struggled for my life.. Now, they hope for such great results.

I am glad I had celiac as my life would not be the same without it.

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Lovely entry... and it sums up what my friend calls "finding the silver lining " in the cloud. 

Glad you are feeling better.

Best wishes always,


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Very inspiring!  I'm glad your kids are independent when it comes to household chores.  It's a gift, that's for sure.


So, glad you are feeling better!

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