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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Day Thirty One

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Alright. So its been a month since I've started doing the challenge and now my the tip of my thumb is starting to crack and peel. Now, some of this is to blame on the cold weather, but I DO recall that when I was almost gluten free last year, my thumb hardly split at all.

I am FINALLY free of that cold/laryngitis thing. That only took about two weeks to get rid of.

I'm not starting to find that after I eat, I am still SUPER hungry. Could it just be TTOTM (ladies will understand) or am I at the point where my body may not be getting its nutrients, therefore its hungry still. I usually eat 1800-2000 calories a day, but the last 8 days or so, I'm up to 2500 and I haven't been more active than I usually am.
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Keep in mind that your body is using a ton of energy just to get and stay well so you are burning more calories.  All of the nasty stuff before gluten free is trying to come back to hurt your body and possibly you are not absorbing properly. 


Hang in there, your doing great.



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I am also on a gluten challenge at the moment, I am on week 7 and I found that after week 4 my symptoms changed a bit. After the initial severe shock to the system after having been gluten free for two months prior to the challenge, I now have a constant tummy ache, joints on fire, constant tiredness, etc, etc and general desperation!! I am very grateful to you for sharing your experience - reading about similar experiences of others makes me feel less helpless.
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I was always hungry, too! It's totally the gluten. It could also be exacerbated by TTOTM too but I blame gluten for 90%. ;) Hang in there!

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MGR I'm exactly in the same position as you are right now. On week 7 its just constant aches and pains.

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Oh dear, poor you- I had my biopsy yesterday and although I still have not received the results, the doctor was able to see "scallopings" that suggested celiac!! And I was told to go gluten free again! Hang in Porcelina, there is an end to this nightmare!!

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