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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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I Just Want To Scream

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Test came back 'normal' even though IGG and IGA was in the normal/high range after a 7 week test (previously I was almost gluten free for a year). My ALP was normal/low.

To even speak to a specialist for a biopsy would take at least 6 months. There is no way I can continue with this challenge as depression has set in, my skin rashes on my legs looks horrible and my under eye circles have my customers asking me if they can grab me a coffee (dispite all the make up I have on).

I'm just going to go back to a gluten free diet as I felt 100% better before and maybe one day get a genetic test done.

Thanks for bearing with me folks.
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so sorry to hear that.  Consider yourself NCGI and hit the gf diet running.  You will be feeling better in no time..



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I'm sorry that you didn't get the results you wanted to see! Just stick to the diet and feel better. Hopefully you can recover quickly from the wreckage. ((Hugs))

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Hey, I'm officially diagnosed (3/2013) , but my husband is not.  He's been gluten free for 12 years and refuses to do a challenge.  Why bother?  He knows that gluten makes him sick.  


Get back to being gluten free and you'll feel so much better!  

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Hi Porcelina, just seen your post- I know very well how you feel... I also had a similar experience, after 9 weeks of challenge I had my endoscopy and the surgeon who performed it saw scallopings which to him suggested celiac- however, both my blood test and biopsies were negative. I also just like you don't consume huge amounts of breads and pasta, etc- not completely gluten free, but very much gluten light- always on low carb diets to control my weight for my arthritis, etc... I still don't know if I am celiac or not officially, but I am not doing another gluten challenge!! Will wait for better testing methods And will embrace this gluten free life ASAP in the meantime. BIG HUGS!!!

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