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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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My Family Is Recovering From My Celiac

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[size=2]Disclaimer: My reactions are unique and may be more than celiac, therefore not many people would need to panic they will get like reactions. The reactions aren't labeled, so I really don't know why I am having them this way. Please don't panic . [/size]

Now, My Family Believes Me!

In my illness, I would say daily. I am tired. I didn't mean that I over did it a little, but overwhelmingly tired. My family decided that nobody could say and mean that every day. One simply couldn't say they were under the weather for 30 years straight. My bloating was "All in my head." I went on trying to act normal until there was no way to go on.
Then I got my diagnosis, My family seemed to be making a choice, me or gluten and they seemed to be saying that they would miss gluten ALOT! They didn't know whether or not I had a serious problem or not. Never mind a doctor wrote them to say I had nearly missed an overwhelming event or death. Yet my family thought I obsessed about health.

Now there have been times when they noticed a reaction before I did. They see my red face before I feel the heat. We can see one leg is swollen larger than the other some days. My belly has flattened out, so when I look 5 months pregnant one day, it is striking to all of us. I know you have a problem with gluten, my husband finally said one day. "It is getting better," he said.

Today I see them starting to take care of me. I planned to take my son's car to pick up my daughter. I asked someone for the keys. I got told that I couldn't drive "That car." I guess they are eating gluten in there constantly. My daughter went instead. Lately they had been enjoying a special food that smells very strong. one day as they cooked it, I noticed I was swelling up. The next weekend they brought the food to Church and gave it away. When they had something it should go in, they noted its absence, but went on contentedly. I would not want to ask anyone to give up their favorite foods, but there doesn't seem to be any alternatives for in my home right now. These days I have many sympathetic listening ears and I am not too sure what happened to cause this profound change. I guess that families get better from celiac too, as well as the person with the disease.
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How sweet!! I think having people support you in this illness is 100 percent needed! It makes you feel wonderful to know they "Believe" you! You are so good about your diet. You have so much going on and I hope it gets better for you as you go along. I wish you all the best. I know we all have our struggles. But to deal with them as you have is so wonderful! You inspire me! You really do! Thanks so much for all you have taught me! 

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I suffered that debilitating fatigue. People begin to think you're a life-long hypochondriac but you're right, it doesn't make sense to complain for that long every day. It's eye-opening when you get down the road of healing. We've also experienced familial healing though it's just the two of us. It hurts to read about families/loved ones being unsupportive. This post warms my heart. This experience is isolating and a family's support is priceless. I'm very happy your family is supporting you. Bless them! I hope you and your family continue to heal. <3
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