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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Here I Am, Send The Other Guy

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[size=5][color=rgb(0,0,205)][b][font='comic sans ms']I am not a volunteer to my current position of transitioning from a life of relishing gluten to lady that shrinks back when gluten is near. When the teacher mentioned "health" or an internal organ in elementary school, I felt weak! Sometimes, I would get dizzy and the field of vision turned black! Once a nurse came to school to take our pulses. The teacher helped some, and she tried to take mine. She couldn't find it, so she called the nurse over. The nurse found the pulse for a brief instant, but it disappeared! They finally said, "We couldn't find your pulse, BUT we are quite sure that you have one." That is how my dealing with "Health" began.

Enter thirty years of fatigue, foggy mind, and 5 pregnancies. Life as a mother brought me a chance to need much more strength and energy than I thought I had. I began to research health, use vitamin supplements, and consult with alternative health care practitioners. I had learned in college, (from a pharmacist) that drugs were poisons, and that drugs couldn't help your body do what it couldn't do otherwise. He only used drugs for dire consequences. Twelve years of pregnancy and nursing one child or another, made me find ways to cope with problems besides drugs. I am so thankful for this. I fear I would have been treated with steroids and I may not have survived that. I got so motivated to get healthy I shunned all sweets, ate vegetables, and baked my own 100% whole grain bread! I finally discovered the way to make this really soft, ADD GLUTEN! <_<

Finally, nearly two years ago, I discovered that celiac fraught the foggy fatigue that grew thicker over time instead of ceasing with all my efforts! This past week found me sifting over more information that I gleaned just recently. My chiropractor told me I needed to talk about and think about my lymphatic system. I didn't know what it was, so I had to get on that right away.

An MD finally agreed to run a full thyroid panel on me. The tests were normal according to the MD standards, but some numbers were borderline low while they should have been mid-range. In reading on the internet I learned that MD's can't do anything for borderline low, but alternative practitioners may be able to. What a blessing that I can work on making a difference before a crisis occurs. Truth be told, though, I am not sure how many times I want to pay for that panel!

I listed several symptoms still troubling me and discovered a problem with the adrenals would pretty much cause them all. The thyroid and the adrenals work in symphony, (normally) so knowing my thyroid output was low, this made many more symptoms make sense together. I go to talk to the functional medicine nurse on Tuesday and hope we can find some things to do to continue optimizing my health. I am thinking of having a blood test for adrenal function, so that I know even better where they stand.

Meanwhile, I found that I needed more iodine, so ordered a liquid to use a drop daily if the nurse concurs. If that works, hopefully, it will help the thyroid and therefore help the adrenal glands. I began in earnest to jump on my trampoline to get my lymphatic system moving. I am using helichrysum essential oil which is supposed to help this system clean out. So far, I got a goopy throat and the sniffles. That could be progress!

Early this past week I didn't feel well. I had eaten for weeks honey processed in cross contaminated circumstances, At least, that is my primary guess for what happened to set me back. The other being I turned off my progesterone supply for several days. I felt like I wanted to drop out of class. Than I cracked (or think I cracked) some of my lingering symptoms. I started to do something about them, and my load lightened, I felt better, I had hope again, and I could go on. . :D No, I didn't start out as a volunteer, yet I still have a lot of fun and adventure in the process.[/font][/b][/color][/size]
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I'm on adrenal support. It's helping. I'm told it will take a few years to correct. That's because I needed to be on it a long time ago. My husband is on it too but only for a few months. It's helping him as well. It's truly better to catch things early on. Keep on keeping on and REST a lot!

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