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I Went Camping For The 2Nd Time Since Diagnosis

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Well... my boyfriend is a HUGE 4x4 truck enthusiast. He has 2 rigs that are specifically for off roading purposes. Consequently we take these rigs to remote places and drive over lots of rocky terrain. He has rock crawler and a prerunner or something like that. It is very confusing keeping all the classes straight. It's his hobby that I support but not quite understand. He has a forum for his trucks. I have a forum for my bowel. LOL

Anyway... we went to the big King of the Hammers race in Johnson Valley last week. I prepared a TON of food to bring that would make me feel like we were at home and never deprived. I brought burgers, beef stir fry, southwestern chili, baked potatoes, pancakes, chicken tacos, rice pasta with sausage, took apart 2 rotisserie chickens and bagged it. Brownies. The menu was kinda insane! We were there for 3 nights and 4 days. We traveled about 10 hours to get there. I didn't have to take any special potty breaks this time - just the routine fueling and bathroom breaks. I am very proud of myself for that one! :)

I ended up bringing home half the food we brought because there was no way we could eat it all. I am glad to over prepare than under prepare. In all honesty I thought I was going to feed 2 of his friends on the trip. But the owner of the race team owns BBQ Island and of course made BBQ the entire time and fed his whole pit crew. So extra food for me this week!
For anyone that thinks it's impossible to camp or go to remote places... it's not! Go for it. They make portable toilets lined with bags if there are not any regular toilets offered at your location. We brought our toilet but the event was so huge that had porta-potties all over.

Sadly our race car didn't finish the race. Out of like 150+ cars only like 30 or so finished. Fastest car was like 8 hours and some change. Ultra 4 racing is tough!

It was quite the experience. If you're into the off road races.. that is a big one to go to!
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Sounds like a great trip! (I'm hungry now, thanks) We decided on camping this year (June) as it was easier than finding somewhere to eat GF. Can't wait now :D (But we only have a tiny car so we won't be offroading ;))

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Yay! I love camping!! I bring my labrador always. Honestly camping gluten free is not any harder than regular camping. Have fun planning the menu!  hehe.. you could do some doughnuts or something in the car! ;) 

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