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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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1 Year Ago

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Ok so here goes..

A year ago I was having all these problems with my health. I used to be very fit and active. However, I had to relocate and became very stagnant and caught up with my situation and improving it. I started to eat 'on the go' which I had not really done so much previously. After about two years of eating mostly fast food, with no exercise and oversleeping my body started to fight back.

My body became really ill, I started sleeping all the time, had no energy even when I slept through the day and even overate, along with a lot of other things, I decided to start working out. During that time I had gain inches allover my body and about 20 lbs. Once, I started to work out I started to have less energy and gain more weight. I thought this was very unusual. I know usually a month into working out your tired but your body transitions to having more energy yet my didn't. So I went to the dr. The dr said it was probably constipation and gave me something to treat it. However, my stomach was empty since I am very health conscious and was going regularly I knew this wasn't the case. Through research I decided to go on the elimination diet swearing it was dairy. I was shocked to find out it was gluten. It made sense now on why I was eating a low carb diet with exercise and only gaining weight. As soon as I cut gluten out I started to lose weight rapidly and gain energy along with watching all my other symptoms diminish. I thought it was all in my head and ate gluten a few times afterward to see my body panic and trigger pain for me to no longer test it.

But now a year later many things have changed.

For starters, I have more symptoms now when I eat gluten. One time after accidentally eating too much gluten I went narcoleptic while I was driving. Through the grace of God, I didn't crash or kill myself/others.

However, now something in my digestion is puzzling the doctors and I. I wanted to reach out to see if anyone could help me next time I see the dr. About 3 weeks I go I started to feel really nausea (no I am not pregnant!). At first it was just nausea constantly. Second week light headed / dizzy spells combined with the lingering nausea feeling. Now its nausea with joint pain and my pinkies are constantly feeling numb to my wrists. If I even sit or keep a joint in the same position for a few minutes, it starts to feel as though I was in that position for a few hours.

When it was just nausea I thought maybe I ate something or just constipation. So I loaded myself with Ginger. It helped relieve the constipation however my bowel movements are still irregular. This can be due to me eating and drinking water less since I have this constant nausea feeling. Sometimes its triggered by a meal, drink or waking up. There is no consistency to the feeling. Also, this weekend until Monday, it affected my sleep. During sleep I felt my stomach feeling nausea and would wake up constantly because of it.

The doctors are stomped and are running all types of test on me. They believe one possibility may be a stomach virus cause by meat but say it may not be since I am not experiencing diarrhea this is almost a lucky/safe guess for us. They just tested me for AnA too. They said this is to see if there is any inflammation or joint issues. They said it can be an autoimmune disease as well.

I know that gluten intolerance can lead to many other diseases so I am really concerned and worried about what this could be.

I know this is a long post! Sorry! But please read and also help me. Thank you!
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I used to fall asleep between words on a spelling test!  At least not too dangerous as driving.


Perhaps you already did, but if you post this on the section about pre-diagnosis you will likely get more response.


I hope you will get to the root of the problem as frequent nausea isn't "Normal".  There are many symptoms of celiac and those who don't have the realized classic symptoms of skinniness and diarhea are often not diagnosed.  It is a good thing to consider if you have a gluten problem or not.


You can get tested for celiac by seeing a doctor and having blood drawn for a full celiac panel.


Feel free to ask more of me(by personal message) or post other questions as long or short as you want..



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