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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Rash, Itching, Welts



I have spent the last seven days with a rash that itches unbelievable. When I can't stand the itching anymore, I then scratch like my life depends on well I can scratch LOL. Then I get the welts where I have scratched. Because this happened two days after I started this high protein, vitamin drink, I thought maybe the drink caused it and so I quit the drink. I know that the drink is gluten-free as I talked to someone in their research and development department. I don't know if my vitamins are so low that the impact of all these vitamins caused this. I don't even know if a rash could be caused by low vitamins and malabortion. I had blood tests (nine vials) 11 days ago and my doctor has not received the results. On Thursday they were still trying to get the results. The tests were for vitamins in my body. The exhaustion is back in full swing and today I am not able to do anything but be a vegetable. The rash and itching has improved about 40% and tomorrow morning I am going to try 1/2 of the vitamin dose that I am suppose to take. I will then see what happens. I have so many things THAT I HAVE to do and all I do is sleep or read. I absolutely hate this part of my lengthy recovering. Those liquid vitamins were so noticable in the increase of my energy. It was such a great feeling to feel like I could get things done and then the rug was pulled out. I am just venting. :(


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