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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Week 1: Monday April 28, 2014

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[i]I have been lactose intolerant since about 2010. Since giving up gluten in July of 2013, I have not seen any improvements in my sensitivity to lactose. I decided to blog my progress/results that I hope to see from giving up most dairy/all lactose. The only dairy I will eat is the casein found in my almond/rice cheese substitutes. That's it! No more chocolate, pizza, gluten free calzones, nothing...for at least 6 months, possibly a year if I see a lot of progress. I plan on posting a weekly entry every Monday to track my progress. [/i]

I have had trouble losing weight, having gained around 40lbs at the time the lactose intolerance started. I'm hoping that giving up lactose is the answer! So, I want to monitor the way my clothes fit ( my stomach tends to get bloated a lot, so it varies) and how well my skin issues do (I've been noticing a correlation between my skin issues and dairy) To get it out of my system, I have eaten a lot of dairy over the past few days (the last day being yesterday, Sunday April 27), and this is where I stand currently:

Dress/work pants: Fit tight/very snug around waist.
Jeans: Fitting a bit loosely around waist/legs
Pant size: 12 in jeans, 14 in dress pants

[b]Skin issues: [/b]
Seb. Dermatitis: flaring up again behind ears, a bit under left eye, and on back of neck.
Candidiasis: Flaring up/ Seems to get noticeably worse when eating the dairy high in lactose.
Rosacea: Moderate. A lot of acne. Seems to have gotten worse.
Other: Dryer skin on face/hands.

[b]Energy levels:[/b]
I seem to have less energy now that I've been consuming a lot more dairy. I feel fatigued and lethargic.

Hoping to feel better as the time progresses. Again, the only dairy I will be consuming is my gluten free, lactose free rice/almond cheese!
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