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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Bumps In The Road: Food Intolerances

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About 1 1/2 years ago I did a food antibody test to see if I could find some safe foods for me to use and any I should not use. The tests searched for Igg and IgA antibodies made by the body to combat foods that it evidently thinks are invading it. The tests showed me several surprises:

Buckwheat threatened my body the hardest! (I was already off gluten.)
49/60 foods my body interpreted as problems. Surprisingly, this left a few of my favorites which I could eat.

Since, I had so many intolerances my test results advised me to eat these foods in rotation so as to try to stay ahead of the antibodies. When I sought out a new healthcare provider and they saw the tests, they advised me to remove those foods I had antibodies for several weeks. Those foods I had the most antibodies to I would avoid for longer that foods I had few antibodies to. I did this. As I result I began feeling clear headed, my energy came up and my nutrient levels tested high enough. Inflammation and bloating also subsided some.

After the period of avoiding these foods altogether, my caregiver told me to add foods back in carefully watching for a reaction. Sometimes I thought I did feel something, but wasn't sure, so I kept them in figuring that by using my rotational diet, I could feel it if in the next 4th day I would react. I desired mashed potatoes so one night I made a turkey dinner with mashed potatoes. I noticed bloating shortly after the meal and realized that I couldn't eat those yet. That food and some others I realized still needed to be out. I couldn't believe it when I reacted to pumpkin and later to squash. One expects to have trouble with things they have eaten large quantities of , but these were not favorites of mine. The last reaction I had to pumpkin my tummy cramps began as I lifted my food to my mouth. I learned never to keep eating anything that did that.

I watched some of the gluten summit. They felt they had a new discovery that one should never eat foods they had antibodies to again. My health care provider agreed that they had lead people wrong and she agreed with it. BUT I hoped that it wasn't true. I kept eating those foods. My chiropractor noted my lymph system grew more and more overwhelmed. My inflammation levels rose. I felt clear minded and had enough energy, so I ignored the other problems for several months.

Finally, the functional medicine nurses' face looked concerned. She realized my inflammation went from head to ankle. She went out rather quickly to speak with the doctor. He gave her some ideas for healing my gut and that is how it settled that day.

After that, I had a short virus followed by a long period of fatigue. I am not sure what changed in my body, but it seemed geared up to react more violently. As I would eat foods I had had antibodies to, I would have 4 day events. The first day, I laid on the couch, sometimes I was nauseas and sometimes not. For all 4 days I lost my appetite. On the forth day I would experience diarrhea. The next day I had this feeling that I felt at a new peak high. I would eat little during these events sticking to only the very safest of foods. I concluded that I should avoid questionable foods (as I did during these events) all the time to see what would happen.

I made the decision to try not to eat any and all foods I had showed antibodies to perhaps a month ago. I wanted to continue a varied diet high in nutrients. Since, my inflammation has continued to go down. My energy levels have improved. Yesterday, found me pitchforking 80 foot rows in the garden without getting short of breath! I haven't had another 4 day episode yet. Perhaps I can live with this.
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My current plan to eat no foods that I had antibodies to is still going well.  I haven't been sick.  My swelling is going down. 

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I am struggling with food prep.  How many times lately have I had the family sit down to eat, before realizing that I forgot to prepare my meat or vegetable!  Oops.

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Oddly enough (in spite of not tolerating many foods)  I can eat eggs and strawberries!  These are great gifts for me.

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