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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Coincidence? Starting To Think Not...

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So I am starting to think that several of the things I have beend diagnosed with, and/or are struggling with (including severe insomnia) are[i][b] directly[/b][/i] tied to gluten.

Just over a week in, my insomnia has gotten noticeably better. My fibromyalgia pain has gone from constant pain to, seriously, being decreased by over half (granted, I am also on a new fibro medication, but whatever it is is working, so I'm not going to question it!) I have noticed my focus has been slightly better, although it's not even been 2 weeks yet, so I haven't noticed a big change. I have, however, noticed a big change in my energy levels as well.

On the downside, I'm hungry [u][b]all.the.time[/b][/u]. Hoping that evens out!

On this early Saturday morning, I do feel as though I could shout from the roof tops. I feel sooooooo much better! Thank you to my amazing doctor, I feel as though a whole new world has opened up for me :)
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So good to hear.  You will find that things you didn't even know were wrong get better.  I had some immediate symptom relief too.  It really hammers in the need for a strict gf diet.  My brain fog took longer, about 1 year or so to leave completely.  At over 2 years gf I keep feeling better.  You will also notice that if you do get glutened, all this stuff will come back!  Some of us take a month to recover from a glutening.  Some say it's only a few days or somewhere in the middle.  Six months or so you and your Doc can look at possibly removing the new med.  You may not need it at all.  You won't stay hungry all the time, I promise.  Once you start to heal inside, you will start absorbing the good foods you eat.  it makes all the difference.  


Good Job Jessica!!!

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