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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Damage Assesments At 2 Years Gluten Free: Colonoscopy/endoscopy Prep

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Quite possibly I suffered from celiac all of my life. I say 30+ years since I am older than that and can recall bloating and fatigue beginning undeniably at age 19 after a bout with mono-nucleosis. I have been working with my physicians to relieve my symptoms naturally and attempting to get to the roots of problems and solve them since realizing I had a gluten problem about 2 years back.

I haven't been too interested in Medical doctors for years since they could make my eczema go away, but it would come back with a vengeance. They could remove my ovarian cyst, but they could not explain what caused it, so we could avoid the next one. They cautioned me about using drugs and medicines while pregnant or nursing. At one point I had been doing one or the other for 12 years straight, so I needed to find alternatives to medicine. I learned to live without them. Doctors would pressure me to use drugs if I went to them and it seemed all they had to offer was medicine. They would be angry with me for not using drugs. I therefore avoided them for years.

Now, my healing is going well, but I am not totally better yet, so some interaction with medical doctors seemed appropriate for me. Thus began my recent round of medical tests. Thus far we have turned up gall bladder stones, ovarian cyst, and uterine fibroid. Blood was found in my stool, so am scheduled for a colonoscopy/endoscopy on Wednesday July 16. The endoscopy is planned WITHOUT a gluten challenge. I would not do it. One year back I wasn't able to do a colon cleanse, because I was "too sick."

My food intolerances did not fit in well with the GI doctor's ideas. Though I told her that I didn't tolerate corn several of the prep medicines contained forms of corn. When I said that I could not take them, they thought I could do it just one time. I refused. "Then find your own subsitutes!" I was told. I felt a little like I was doing the doctors job and a little over my head, but help was provided for me and it is done!

I spent the last couple of weeks studying it out. Last week my nurse was out of town when I looked into dosages. I contacted a friend that is a pharmacist and asked who to ask for help. She said I could ask her. Two pharmacists had referred me back to the physician and were not helpful. My friend could relate to food intolerances since she said that her sister-in-law has been having similar issues otherwise she probably wouldn't have believed me. My friend the pharmacist had a list of various magnesium options for me. The magnesium citrate at the pharmacy would not work for me as it was flavored. Online, I found a Magnesium Citrate Capsule for which the product was mined from the earth. Since I usually don't consume earth we felt I would likely not have allergies to it. I purchased also Epsom Salts that could be used if I didn't clean out with the amount of capsules I got.

The last couple of months I have been having loose stools ever since I switched my diet. In spite of this lab tests today showed that I would be ready for the challenge. Tomorrow is Prep Day.
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Here on prep day!  I had the big D even before taking one prep.  I think it may have been fructose intolerance because I drank a lot of coconut water!

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The results are that my large intestine seemed very sensitive, but in the end all structures were normal and there was no cancer.  The GI doctor suggested the Fod maps diet for my remaining bloating issues.

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