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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Shurfine/western Family



Dear Joan,
Thank you for your request. As consumers have asked about certain products, I
have compiled a limited list of gluten-free Shurfine/Western Family items sold
in your area based on our suppliers' responses. This list is by no means
all-inclusive, but it does provide information for commonly requested products.
As a private label company we contract with hundreds of suppliers to pack
product for us. The lists we send consumers like yourself have been modified
for our different marketing areas. We urge you to continue to read labels
carefully so that you are alert to potential changes in the product(s).

[b]Please do not post this list, but you may let other consumers know that we are
happy to help them and they may contact us directly[/b]. Our products are not sold
nationwide and there is another company that sells Shurfine products in the
midwest. We do not have information for their Shurfine products. Thank you.
Nancy Pickett
Consumer Affairs



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