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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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And So It Begins



Thought I'd start a blog to see if I can keep track of all my random bablings about Celiac, Gluten Sensitivity, Immune System, Food Sensitivities and Lymphocytic Colitis.

I'll start by saying what I know about what I have.

I was diagnosed with LC (Lymphocytic Colitis) back in December of 2004 (I think that was the time) after getting a Colonoscopy and having biopsies analyzed. I should start a category here for details about this, but for now all I'll say is that a great support forum for this disease can be found here:

After going to this site I discovered one of the reasons why I noticed that I felt better when I did a short stint on the Atkins diet. I noticed at the time that after removing carbs (and hence gluten) from my diet that I felt much better and had fewer GI issues. Well, guess what, some of the folks who have LC also have an intolerance/sensitivity for gluten. Given that the Ttg test for celiac came back negative I decide to venture off (or at least my stool and genes did) to Enterolab.

And here's what I know part 2. I had antibodies IgA for Gliadin as well as antibodies for Tissue Transglutaminase in my stool. I also have the gene for Celiac HLA-DQ2 as well as a gene for Gluten Sensitivity HLA-DQ3 subtype DQ7. So what? I don't have Celiac? Not according to blood tests for those antibodies.

So currently I avoid all Gluten, Dairy, and as much as I can Soy. I have also found sugars to be a problem in too high doses, particularly Fructose. Perhaps it's only the Lactose in dairy I have issues with.

I got some recent ELISA tests done which point towards Gluten, Wheat and Rye being very bad for me. Barley and oats nothing really, the oats didn't really suprise me, but the Barley did. Also had a low reaction for Almond and Whey. Perhaps the Whey is the problem and I'm just more sensitive to low ammounts.

Just today I had a DEXA bone scan which at first glance looks normal. More details once I see my Dr.

I also had blood tests for Celiac and other things which all came back negative or at least below the scale for flagging Celiac. I've had no endoscopy done as the tests haven't warrented it yet.

And with that last bit I'll leave this entry and find something else to ramble on about.

Thanks for reading, comments are welcome to anything I have to say. I'm learning a lot that's for sure.



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