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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Cookin' Up Some Seafood 2nite!



[Turned on some music and got cookin! Pryed open fresh clams to make clam chowder and put the rest in with mussels and big fat shrimp to make Spanish Paella with the saffron rice. mmmmmmm
I took a pic of it, even. Maybe it will motivate me to make it again soon.

I bought a can of chili and a can of pork and beans at the store since I'd seen them on the gluten
free list, but then I forgot which brands they were supposed to be, but I bought them anyway and I'm only nervous about the part that says "natural and artificial flavors" so I'll have to dig up the brand from the list.

As I flipped thru my recipe book I have my eye on a Vichyssoise recipe and I've also been thinking about making homemade twice baked potatoes soon. We'll see.

Plus, I think those gluten-free donuts I fried up in the summer-some are still in my freezer- are going to stay uneaten. I didn't exactly love them. They came out too greasy. So, THAT is something I'll definitely not do again!


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