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The Risk Does Have A Reward!

Entry posted by brendygirl · - 185 views

Girls nite out dancing last night and the band was really cool. Now that my hair is long (had short hair a la Charlize and Dixie Chicks in my 20s and decided to grow it last Xmas when I turned 30) it's hot on the dance floor! I'm glad celiac hasn't inhibited my hair's ability to grow fast!
I had one drink, a Jack Daniel's with Coke. But, I got tired! So sad that my bod tires before my tootsies! In 3 inch heels! I should have fake carb loaded b4 hand! My pal was dying to crash a reunion for hs class of 96, so we took a peek but it was dull - She missed her own hs reunion.
Mimi's Cafe for lunch Wed. was not too wonderful. I found the gluten-free menu online the night b4. Server brought MY salad WITH croutons and my friend's salad W/O. I'd told her I'm allergic to flour (which is usually easier for servers to visualize) and explained no gravy- then she brought the mashed potatoes without gravy, but the roast beef was swimming in it. HELLO. I did wonder how I could've explained it better...but it didn't bother me- I was very polite about needing a new one and asking if it would take long, but dining companion (she just got transferred to my school and I haven't eaten out with her in years) seemed petulant about my special needs. Guess I won't invite her next time. But my other friend was cool with it and he actually seemed to feel compassion with the mixups. But it was a very good, very satisfying meal. I felt full!
Went to Ruby's diner and got a mushroom burger and fries while shopping Friday and it was fine.
This red meat thing is beginning to grow on me. 2x in one week! The waitress was a sweetheart, gave her $5 tip on a $9 check.
Well, I'm cooking tacos right now. I found a seasoning packet that seems to be gluten-free. McCormick's. Straightforward ingredients. Funny, how I used to never use sour cream in my wheat-filled life, and now I feel free to indulge in it.
When I was playing Telemarketer for my teacher union- calling to inform voters about the school board election- I won a raffle---guess what the prize was? A gift card to Chipotle restaurant. I'll have to look up their menu! I'll have to round up a date and let you know how it goes!
By the way, get out and vote this Nov! Did you know Hitler won his election for leader of the 3rd R by one vote!!! Your vote DOES count!



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