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December 05, 2006

Entry posted by Ann1231 · - 172 views

I am feeling worlds better today. I slept very hard last night with no tummy troubles at all. I am very stiff today which I'm getting real tired of, but as far as stomach, mental, etc., I'm doing very well.

I need to do some Christmas shopping for hubby today, who btw still is nagging me that "a little wheat isn't going to hurt you". I can not get him to understand that, yes, it does hurt me. He thinks if I eat 1/2 a tortilla as opposed to the whole thing that it's ok, or if I eat bread or pasta one day but don't eat it the next, that that's ok. I don't want to harp on it or argue or anything else, I would just like him to stop pushing it. I should just tell him I"m low carbing, then he makes sure there's no carbs around cuz he's ok with that. argh, very frustrating.

I really don't know what today holds other than a 160 mile round trip for son's theater rehearsal. Performance is this weekend so there's rehearsals tonight and tomorrow night. I will pack an ice chest so I don't get into blood sugar troubles and then have to try to find fast food with no gluten.

I'm discouraged I haven't lost any weight. I was hoping I'd lose at least a pound or two after being gluten free for 2 full days, 3 today.



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