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Gluten Causes Brain Disease! By Prof. Rodney Ford M.b., B.s., M.d., F.r.a.c.p.



[font="Arial"][size=2][i]This article appeared in the Autumn 2006 edition of Celiac.com's [url="http://www.celiac.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=47"]Celiac Disease Newsletter[/url].[/i]

Celiac.com 12/11/2006 - Yes, that's what I think. Gluten-sensitivity is a disease of your brain and nerves.

[b]The gluten puzzle[/b]
I have come to this conclusion after studying the effects of gluten on my patients for over a decade. I am a paediatric gastroenterologist and allergist. I run a busy clinic for children and their parents. I have been increasingly concerned by the large numbers of my patients who are affected by gluten. I was perplexed by their wide-ranging symptoms. The puzzle was to explain how gluten could cause so much ill health to so many people in so many different ways, including celiac disease.

[b]Faulty brain control[/b]
Eureka! The solution came when deep in discussion with my friend and colleague, Ron Harper, Professor of Neurobiology, UCLA. We were both struggling with the concept of multiple symptoms that needed to be explained. The answer appeared absurdly simple: disturbed "brain control". It suddenly seemed obvious


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Wow, an incredible article, I agree 100%. If only doctors around the world would wake up and recognize research like this, and act on it.

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Scott, I like what I read from Dr Ford, his writings make a lot of sense.

My brother-in-law has been to see him and I have heard of numerous others talking about Dr Ford and all in glowing terms.

Unfortunately he is in the South Island and about 800 miles away from me.

I have been to his website and there is a lot of information. It is so nice knowing that their is more recognition of coeliac out there and Dr Ford is doing a wonderful job for coeliacs.


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