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Daughter's Recital Was Great!

Ursa Major


Well, after not eating any breakfast or lunch and only drinking some water and chamomile tea until nearly 7:00 PM, I made it through the day without major problems. I didn't get any more sleep after my last entry, as every time I thought of going to bed, I'd have to rush to the bathroom instead. So, I had about four hours of sleep the night before last night, and about three hours last night. Meaning, I'll be going to bed soon to try to catch up on some sleep.

I know, I usually NEVER go to bed this early, but I am fading fast.

The recital was great. Our daughter sang beautifully. Her clear soprano voice did the song "Oh Holy Night" justice for sure. Without a doubt, she and another girl playing the clarinet (a duet with her teacher) were the stars of the recital. And I am not just saying that because she is my kid, but it was very obvious. The truth is the truth.

My husband took a video with our daughter's camera, and I took pictures with our camera. Too bad he tilted the camera, not realizing that you can't turn a video, so now we have to watch it with our heads tilted.

Because the recital was two hours earlier than was originally planned, our daughter-in-law came as well. I am glad she could make it, so our daughter had four people there to watch her perform (and I'm sure the baby inside our daughter-in-law was delighted with all the music :P ). That means that only one ticket was wasted.

Anyway, I need to go. I really, really hope I can manage to get a little more sleep tonight. Tomorrow I am seeing my naturopathic doctor. And in the evening I am seeing my counselor. I am glad, I am ready for him.

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