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Then I Go Wow!



Today started off bad, at 8 am the phone goes, and it is the hospital telling me that they have booked me in for a gastroscope next Thursday at 8am. I know I need it done, even if I have been gluten free for over a year, just think it took a year for the appointment to come through. The doctor said it would take a while and that by the time I got it done I could've healed, and that it was more to make sure that nothing else was wrong with me. So I will go and do it, but I am nervous, what if they do find something else out?

Then I noticed an hour later my mail on the dashboard of the car, I asked Jim, :blink: when did that arrive, as it looked like a bill from the optician saying I still owe them over $500 for my new glasses, which I knew and I still have got two months to pay it off. :unsure:

I was a bit frustrated :huh: by then, as it is going to be paid, just maybe not this week.

So I opened it and the first thing my eyes saw was congratulations, :rolleyes: oh yeah I thought, they're congratulating me on making a good choice by getting my glasses from them,

but no, I read further on and they said they'd enclosed a cheque for $233, :) I thought maybe they'd overcharged me as they cost over $1200 and I thought they could've put that towards the amount I still owed them

and then I looked further and it looked to me that the bill had been wiped :lol: and it was beginning to look [size=3]more like I had won the [/size][size=4]December draw for the cost of my[/size] [size=5]transition lenses to be re-imbursed.[/size]

[size=6]THEN I GO WOW.[/size]

I just couldn't believe it, all up I had won $821 being the cost of my lenses! Wow, I have been grinning from ear to ear all day. That means I haven't got $588 still to pay on them. I am going to thank them profusely on Monday when I have got my wits about me back.

Life is sweet.

So sweet I decided to make a gluten free date loaf from a recipe I used when I was at school, I just changed the flour. It worked out, it worked out and it is yummy

But then later Jim had to go to the dentist to get a tooth pulled, and I had to drive back, and before I even got out of the street that the dentist was on I had made a couple of glaring mistakes, but we got back in one piece. Whew.

On top of that, the diet is going well, so well, have probably lost two kilos since the 1st. Wonderful

Can't believe it about the $821, probably the most I have ever won. (I was just a bit slow Jim was going to pay the $588 and if he had, I would've got a cheque for $821 and not $233, but I guess Jim would've been demanding it back!)


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