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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Another Gf Day

Entry posted by Guest · - 523 views

Well I think I managed to stay gluten-free at the church nusery today. Not always possible with all the kiddies eating their crackers and cookies...I came home, changed my crumb/saliva smeared clothes and scrubbed my hands. I made sure I didn't eat anything while I was there and didn't touch my mounth, but I still get nervous. I am glad it is only once a month. I am the Nursery Director at our church and when I started the job three years ago I was not gluten-free. Soon I will be gett5ing a replacement for me and will be able to teach in another age group, one that won't smear cookie/cracker crumbs all over me! Since my kids are in the older kids class they usually have gluten-free snacks (like Lay's chips single packs, popcorn, popcicles) I would like that better. Soon. It will be a relief. It is hard enough to stay gluten-free when shopping for convenience foods and eating out. I don't like having to worry about teaching sunday school at church.I came home and treated myself to a big piece of gluten-free angel food cake. :D My husband (who unexpectedly got the day off today) BBQ'ed steaks for dinner. Yum. It was actually a really nice day. I spent the afternoon reading a book, since I didn't have to think about dinner. :P The kid played and I just focused on relaxing. I don't get many days like this.



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